Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Photo of robot lost in the woods goes viral

5-17-2022 | 11

An innocuous snap of a delivery robot wandering through some woodland has been gaining a lot of attention on Twitter.


Tunnel optical illusion leaves driver baffled

 VIDEO  5-5-2022 | 3

A mind-boggling optical illusion in a tunnel in the US left one driver so perplexed that he didn't want to drive on.


'Deceased' woman bangs on lid of her own coffin

5-5-2022 | 8

A funeral in Peru was interrupted last week when the person who had died turned out to be very much alive.


Woman gets stuck after falling head first down a toilet

4-24-2022 | 3

The unfortunate woman ended up needing to be rescued after reaching into the toilet to grab her dropped phone.


Minnesota family is officially the tallest in the world

 VIDEO  4-23-2022 | 5

The five-member Trapp family from Esko has a combined height equal to the length of half a tennis court.


Driverless car is pulled over by police, then does a runner

 VIDEO  4-11-2022 | 9

Police in San Francisco recently pulled over a vehicle only to find that there was nobody in the driving seat.


Legs optical illusion leaves people scratching their heads

4-7-2022 | 6

A mind-bending optical illusion shows two people hugging one another - but which legs belong to which person ?


Newly rebuilt world's longest car is now even longer

 VIDEO  3-21-2022 | 5

This ridiculously long limo comes complete with a swimming pool, mini-golf course and even a helicopter pad.


This gargantuan 21ft Hummer is just ridiculous

 VIDEO  3-18-2022 | 6

As if a regular Hummer isn't big enough, the Hummer H1 X3 makes all other cars look like small models.


Real-life bat interrupts screening of 'The Batman'

3-11-2022 | 2

A cinema screening of the Caped Crusader's latest outing was recently interrupted by a rather topical visitor.


Congolese man marries three identical triplets

 VIDEO  3-11-2022 | 22

A 32-year-old man has ended up marrying three identical triplets after all three of them fell in love with him.


Mummified shark among horrors found at abandoned aquarium

 VIDEO  3-7-2022 | 2

Two urban explorers recently delved into the decrepit remains of a disused aquarium somewhere in Spain.


Man dies after taking caffeine equivalent to 200 cups of coffee

3-2-2022 | 3

The unfortunate incident highlights the dangers of taking too much caffeine.


Man wins $10 million lottery jackpot twice in three years

2-28-2022 | 2

As if the odds of winning once weren't high enough - one man has managed to defy them twice.


Olympic skiing and the hazards of a frozen member

2-24-2022 | 9

Finnish cross-country skier Remi Lindholm recently reported that an unfortunate part of his anatomy had frozen during an event.


Israeli farmer grows world's heaviest strawberry

 VIDEO  2-19-2022 | 0

Guinness World Records has officially recognized the gargantuan berry as the heaviest ever recorded.


Giant bear named 'Yogi' wreaks havoc in Lake Tahoe

2-18-2022 | 5

There's a 500lb bear on the loose in California and it is doing more than just stealing picnic baskets.


'Bored' guard draws eyes on million dollar painting

 VIDEO  2-11-2022 | 6

A security guard at an art gallery in Russia was found to have drawn eyes on a highly valuable painting.


Woman attempts to sell her husband on auction site

2-3-2022 | 6

What do you do when your husband goes on a fishing trip without you ? Try to sell him on the Internet, of course.


Woman on morning TV identifies as a 'wolf'

 VIDEO  2-2-2022 | 32

27-year-old Naia Okami from Seattle sees herself, not as a human, but as a wolf in human skin.

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