Monday, April 22, 2024
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World of the Bizarre

Woman takes her dead uncle to the bank, then tries to take out a loan

4-18-2024 | 7

A woman in Brazil has been arrested after attempting to commit a bizarre and disturbing type of fraud.

World of the Bizarre

From the archives: man claims that he can speak multiple alien languages

 VIDEO  3-14-2024 | 8

In this vintage clip, BBC astronomer Sir Patrick Moore speaks to a man who says he can speak 'Venusian'.

World of the Bizarre

Man guilty of using cloned animal parts to create giant 'franken-sheep'

3-14-2024 | 9

The 80-year-old had been attempting to create enormous hybrid animals for hunters to shoot on his property.

World of the Bizarre

Billionaire announces, for the second time, plans to build the Titanic II

3-13-2024 | 8

Clive Palmer has announced his intention to fund the construction of a new Titanic for the second time in 10 years.

World of the Bizarre

Man who lived for over 70 years inside an iron lung has died, aged 78

 VIDEO  3-13-2024 | 9

Paul Alexander was forced to live almost his entire life inside the metal capsule after contracting polio as a young child.

World of the Bizarre

Google's AI offers some strange advice on how to capture Bigfoot

2-29-2024 | 14

So far nobody has been able to prove Bigfoot exists, let alone capture one, so how would an AI approach the problem ?

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre experiment sees man eat raw chicken for 25 days straight

2-23-2024 | 12

The stunt, which has gone viral, has been slammed by health care professionals, but why hasn't the raw meat made him ill ?

World of the Bizarre

Mystery as disembodied human leg found on New York City subway

2-22-2024 | 4

The grisly and unnerving discovery left local authorities scratching their heads.

World of the Bizarre

Police called out after inert nuclear missile found in man's garage

2-3-2024 | 14

The authorities were alerted after the owner of the missile attempted to donate it to a military museum.

World of the Bizarre

It's Groundhog Day again: what did Punxsutawney Phil predict ?

 VIDEO  2-2-2024 | 7

The world-famous rodent was at the center of this year's Groundhog Day celebrations in Pennsylvania.

World of the Bizarre

Star Trek Starfleet logo spotted by Curiosity rover on Mars

1-25-2024 | 1

NASA's decade-old rover recently spotted something rather familiar while trundling across the surface of the Red Planet.

World of the Bizarre

Florida man injured by exploding toilet in branch of Dunkin' Donuts

1-19-2024 | 7

If you think you are having a bad day, spare a thought for this guy...

World of the Bizarre

Man falls down 130ft shaft he dug under his house to look for gold

1-11-2024 | 8

The man had dreamt that there was gold underneath his kitchen and then spent over a year digging straight down.

World of the Bizarre

Workmen steal woman's entire driveway in bizarre scam

 VIDEO  1-6-2024 | 4

One resident of Apopka, Florida was dismayed to discover that someone had made off with her driveway.

World of the Bizarre

Unexplained Mysteries top 10 bizarre stories of 2023

12-29-2023 | 0

Here we take a look back at the most outrageous, peculiar and downright bizarre stories from the last twelve months.

World of the Bizarre

Man wants to send his DNA to the Moon so that aliens can clone him

12-19-2023 | 10

Physicist Prof Kenneth Ohm is one of a growing number of people hoping to have their remains sent to the Moon when they die.

World of the Bizarre

Pastor in India tricks woman into buying box with 'magic powers'

12-8-2023 | 7

The box, which saw the victim scammed out of $400,000, was said to provide great fortune and good luck.

World of the Bizarre

Couple shocked after garden ornament turns out to be a live bomb

12-3-2023 | 6

The husband and wife had kept the explosive shell for years and had never thought that anything was amiss.

World of the Bizarre

Giant inflatable Santa is gunned down by drive-by shooter in Kentucky

12-1-2023 | 10

An armed assailant drove past the house and fired a shot into the enormous Christmas garden decoration.

World of the Bizarre

Man with constant headaches found to have chopsticks stuck in his skull

11-29-2023 | 7

A man from Vietnam was recently shocked to discover the horrifying reason for his unexplained headaches.

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