Friday, May 27, 2016
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Giant pentragram discovered in the desert

Posted on Sunday, 4 August, 2013 | Comment icon 71 comments | News tip by: louie

Image credit: Google Maps

Google Earth photographs show the presence of a huge pentagram in a remote region of Kazakhstan.

The five-pointed star is clearly visible on the shore of the Upper Tobol Reservoir and is situated at least 12 miles from the nearest village. Measuring over 1,200 feet across the giant symbol has been subject to numerous conspiracy theories and linked to several nefarious religious sects. The truth however may be far more benign thanks to the research of one archaeologist, Emma Usmanova, who set out to investigate the discovery.

As it turns out, the area is nothing more than an old park built in the shape of a star, something that was used a lot in the design of flags, monuments and facades during the Soviet era.

"Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: On the wind-blown steppes of central Asia, in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, there's a large pentagram etched into the Earth's surface."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #62 Posted by david icke is right on 15 August, 2013, 8:37
Hidden system worshipper. We all have been duped to a very sleepy awareness under satanism.
Comment icon #63 Posted by Tutankhaten-pasheri on 15 August, 2013, 9:31
The star was for a Young Pioneer camp that was not completed by end of Soviet Union. Perhaps I should have said this several pages ago, well......
Comment icon #64 Posted by DKO on 15 August, 2013, 12:20
No we haven't.
Comment icon #65 Posted by taniwha on 16 August, 2013, 9:57
All I see is the place where Captain Kidd buried his treasure
Comment icon #66 Posted by badeskov on 17 August, 2013, 10:39
Comment icon #67 Posted by Himawari69 on 31 August, 2013, 19:38
It's not a satanist symbol, it's a symbol that represents the 5 elements, earth, water, fire, air, and spirit
Comment icon #68 Posted by Merc14 on 1 September, 2013, 0:47
It's a USSR star as stated in the article. Why make things up no that make no sense?
Comment icon #69 Posted by Mike G on 1 September, 2013, 2:10
Actually, the link says it's just a former soviet park, made in that shape becasue they just happened to like stars.
Comment icon #70 Posted by SkepticalB on 1 September, 2013, 2:11
so its captain planet's secret base?

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