Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Geoff Ward

Psychic detective tells his life story

5-19-2011 | 1

Robert Cracknell – known widely in the 1980s as 'the UK's Number One Psychic Detective' – still receives pleas for ...

Geoff Ward

Dowser Adrian radiates success

1-5-2011 | 0

Where former estate agent Adrian Incledon-Webber used to clear homes from the property market he's now clearing the...

Geoff Ward

Seeking God's ID

12-27-2010 | 2

Laurence Gardner’s posthumously published The Origin of God, just out, seeks to minimize the ‘science versus religi...

Geoff Ward

Animals as our guiding spirits

10-17-2010 | 4

Throughout our life, we have a personal, intimate relationship with a specific animal, bird, insect, reptile, even ...

Geoff Ward

Mystic isle of megaliths

9-22-2010 | 2

In his new book, Anglesey: A Megalithic Journey, historian Neil McDonald evokes the magic and mystery of the Welsh ...

Geoff Ward

Dowsers out to prove themselves

9-16-2010 | 4

A new study aimed at proving how the ancient art of dowsing actually works and bringing it to the attention of a wi...

Geoff Ward

Lore and order: learning from the ancients

7-30-2010 | 3

The Koornwinder Convention, Amsterdam, June 22, 2010 Ancient Wisdom and 21st Century ICT: Decoding the Hidden Str...

Geoff Ward

The Koornwinder Convention

6-9-2010 | 1

Herma Koornwinder’s discovery of hidden patterns which enabled her to predict accurately the movements of financial...

Geoff Ward

Clock invented in the Stone Age

3-12-2010 | 6

Stone Age people invented a form of clock that enabled them to tell the time of day, the seasons and even latitude,...

Geoff Ward

Phaistos disk: ancient treasure or modern hoax?

3-4-2010 | 13

International controversy continues over the refusal to date Crete's famous - some say infamous - Phaistos Disk to ...

Geoff Ward

Britain's prehistory decoded

2-26-2010 | 2

Tom Brooks looks out across the Dorset uplands of England with a countryman's assured eye, but also with a frown. H...

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