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Miner wanted his picture taken.

Posted on Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Uploaded by Robinknows1
Miner wanted his picture taken.
Image credit: Robin.shaw009@gmail.com

Uploader comment: In the Comox Valley, B.C., Canada. There is a place called Bevan townsite it was an old town for miners....for more info about the town go here...http://cfmb.icaap.org/content/1979/2.3/15-Music_Are_You_From_Bevan.pdf...........anyway we were wondering around the old ruins when we found an old mineshaft so my boyfriend, my father and I used a ladder to climb in. There was alot of beer cans and other signs of partys that had happened but are flashlight was weak so I shined the flashlight around while my boyfriend snaped pictures he did one and we noticed it was black so we tried two more times to take a pic and it turned out black. We gave up and climbed out of the hole. A few days later i was posting my pics to facebook when I noticed this picture from inside the mine.....totally creepy.

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