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Archaeology & History

Early man "genetically modified" wild horses

By T.K. Randall
June 12, 2009 · Comment icon 11 comments

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A team of German scientists have discovered that early humans would have "genetically modified" wild horses by selectively breeding them to be tamer and more manageable for use in horseback riding.
Early man 'genetically modified' wild horses to create tamer animals which became the domesticated horse which helped spread human civilisation around the globe, according to new findings by a team of German scientists. "

Source: Monsters and Critics | Comments (11)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Lady Amethyst 15 years ago
This is remarkable. Did humans also breed cats and dogs and other domestic animals too?
Comment icon #3 Posted by aquatus1 15 years ago
No, no. They genetically manipulated cats, dogs, and other domestic animals...
Comment icon #4 Posted by joshy 15 years ago
early man didnt even know about genetics so calling it genetic modification is silly selective breeding is the only correct term for this process unnatural selection could actually be another now that i think of it
Comment icon #5 Posted by Funky Poacher 15 years ago
Well, humans always have had a god complex. I believe nearly all dog breeds are unnatural . My reaction to this artle was 'Well, duh'.
Comment icon #6 Posted by MirrorImage 15 years ago
Well, humans always have had a god complex. I believe nearly all dog breeds are unnatural . My reaction to this artle was 'Well, duh'. lmao, well said! That was my reaction as well.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Juan2k7nyc 15 years ago
Isn't this just domestication ?? not genetic manipulation. I wounder how much money it took these scientist to reach such an obvious conclusion
Comment icon #8 Posted by jesspy 15 years ago
Yes it is a form of gene modification but color, height, weight etc is determined by that. But being more tame is something to be worked on ie you need to break in the horse. I dont think you can have a tame horse born. It needs to be trained
Comment icon #9 Posted by Piney 15 years ago
My reaction to this artle was 'Well, duh'. Mine too! People have been using "selective breeding" since animal domestication began. My family still does it with horses to both retain temperment and the ability to walk with 5 gaits. ( most horses have 4 gaits). Lapiche
Comment icon #10 Posted by BaneSilvermoon 15 years ago
Darwin coined the term "Domestic Selection" for this way back when he wrote the first edition of On The Origin of Species. The entire first chapter, Variation under Domestication, is dedicated to it. Botanists are one of the best examples.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Orcseeker 15 years ago
I would have thought early man could easily identify a good breed of horse over time. Such as a certain group of horses showing consistent positive physical properties that would clearly help them. They would see these horses as a good bloodline.

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