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Archaeology & History

Tales of mysterious 'giants' still haunt Nevada's Lovelock Cave

4-5-2024 | 15

For years, archaeologists have remained divided over the discovery of alleged giant skeletons and artifacts.

Archaeology & History

Researchers scour Britain's lakes for King Arthur's sword Excalibur

4-4-2024 | 5

The hunt is on for King Arthur's famous blade... even though nobody is sure that it actually exists at all.

Archaeology & History

Major controversy surrounds 27,000-year-old 'pyramid' Gunung Padang

3-29-2024 | 79

A recent paper concerning the controversial site in Indonesia has been fully retracted by publishers.

Archaeology & History

Britain's own 'Atlantis' was lost to the sea over 700 years ago

3-25-2024 | 3

Scientists have spent decades attempting to locate the long-lost medieval Yorkshire city of Ravenser Odd.

Archaeology & History

Where did the idea that witches fly on broomsticks originate ?

3-11-2024 | 6

Historian Michael D. Bailey explores witchcraft down the ages and why people believed that witches could fly.

Archaeology & History

The face of Dante, the man behind the nine circles of Hell, is revealed

3-1-2024 | 4

A new facial reconstruction has revealed, for the first time, the true face of the writer, poet and philosopher Dante Alighieri.

Archaeology & History

Strange 'alien' metal discovered in ancient Iberian treasure trove

2-23-2024 | 2

The intriguing find suggests that metalworking techniques were more advanced than we thought 3,000 years ago.

Archaeology & History

Gigantic 1km-long megastructure discovered beneath the Baltic Sea

2-13-2024 | 17

The huge structure could potentially be the oldest Stone Age megastructure built by humans in Europe.

Archaeology & History

12-year-old builds working replica of Archimedes' death ray

 VIDEO  2-10-2024 | 15

The Canadian grade eight student wanted to see if the idea of setting ships on fire with mirrors was plausible.

Archaeology & History

Ancient scrolls buried by Vesuvius eruption deciphered using AI

2-6-2024 | 1

Three researchers have been awarded a $700,000 prize for producing the first readable text from the previously unreadable scrolls.

Archaeology & History

A valley of lost cities has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest

1-26-2024 | 2

LiDAR technology has made it possible for archaeologists to peer beneath the dense foliage.

Archaeology & History

Tourist returns rocks taken from Pompeii due to fears over 'curse'

1-21-2024 | 4

For years, the city of Pompeii has been associated with stories of bad luck inflicted on anyone who removes anything from the site.

Archaeology & History

1,000-year-old 'Viking' sword discovered on river bed in Poland

1-18-2024 | 12

The remarkably well-preserved sword has been described as a 'major archaeological sensation'.

Archaeology & History

The strange story of the grave of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus

1-8-2024 | 0

For centuries, the whereabouts of the celebrated astronomer's final resting place had remained a mystery.

Archaeology & History

Unexplained Mysteries top 10 archaeology stories of 2023

12-30-2023 | 0

Here we take a look back at the most popular historical mysteries and discoveries from the last twelve months.

Archaeology & History

Analysis of last known Salish wool dog confirms its precolonial lineage

12-17-2023 | 5

For thousands of years, the Indigenous Coast Salish people bred special dogs that had thick, long white hair.

Archaeology & History

Does the Aztec death whistle make the creepiest sound in the world ?

 VIDEO  12-16-2023 | 12

First used centuries ago, this unique form of whistle makes the haunting sound of a blood-curdling scream.

Archaeology & History

8,000-year-old fortress discovered in Siberia is thought to be world's oldest

12-9-2023 | 7

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient fortress built by hunter-gatherers in Siberia's Lower Ob' region.

Archaeology & History

Long-lost 18km Maya road discovered beneath the jungles of Mexico

 VIDEO  12-6-2023 | 0

Archaeologists spotted the road, which was once a major highway connecting two cities, using LiDAR scanning.

Archaeology & History

Mystery of missing WWII fighter pilot finally solved over 80 years on

11-30-2023 | 0

Lt Warren Singer's plane had disappeared without a trace during an attack on Italian airfields in 1943.

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