Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Archaeology & History

Evidence of ancient Roman snacks found beneath the Colosseum

11-25-2022 | 2

Archaeologists have made a number of intriguing discoveries in the sewers beneath the ancient gladiatorial arena.

Archaeology & History

What science has told us about the mummy of Egypt's King Tutankhamun

11-9-2022 | 1

His tomb's discovery was one of the most significant in all of Egyptology, but what do we actually know about King Tut ?

Archaeology & History

4,800ft 'miracle' tunnel found in Egypt could lead to Cleopatra's tomb

11-8-2022 | 3

Archaeologists have unearthed one of the most important discoveries of recent years - a huge tunnel beneath a temple in Egypt.

Archaeology & History

Scientists recreate the face of a real-life 18th-Century 'vampire'

11-1-2022 | 8

This is the face of a man who, two centuries ago, was buried with his leg bones crossed to stop him rising from the dead.

Archaeology & History

'House of the Dragon' was inspired by a real medieval dynasty

10-20-2022 | 5

History professor David Routt takes a look at the real historical events which inspired the latest Game of Thrones prequel.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of the real-life Santa Claus

10-19-2022 | 28

The tomb of St Nicholas - the real-life inspiration behind Santa Claus - lived and died around 1,700 years ago.

Archaeology & History

Discovery of 6,000-year-old skull confirms legend of lost tribe in Taiwan

10-12-2022 | 27

The find seems to prove the existence of a long-rumored ancient indigenous tribe that lived thousands of years ago.

Archaeology & History

Remains of real-life 3-meter-tall 'thunderbird' found in Australia

10-5-2022 | 9

Palaeontologists have unearthed what is thought to be the leg bones of the largest species of bird to ever live.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists discover 2,600-year-old cheese in Egypt

9-29-2022 | 5

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has announced the discovery of some of the oldest cheese ever found.

Archaeology & History

New evidence points to presence of hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb

9-26-2022 | 3

Nicholas Reeves still believes that the entrance to Nefertiti's tomb lies somewhere within King Tut's burial chamber.

Archaeology & History

Ancient structure near Prague is older than Stonehenge and the pyramids

9-23-2022 | 3

Archaeologists believe that the mysterious structure was built around 7,000 years ago.

Archaeology & History

Zahi Hawass claims that he has found the tomb of Queen Nefertiti

9-21-2022 | 8

The famed Egyptologist maintains that he has solved the millennia-old mystery of Nefertiti's whereabouts.

Archaeology & History

Hoard of gold and silver coins found behind Egyptian temple

9-18-2022 | 1

Egyptian archaeologists have announced the discovery of a significant amount of treasure in the city of Esna.

Archaeology & History

Seven times people discovered the Americas - and how they got there

9-13-2022 | 28

Christopher Columbus reached the Americas in 1492, but he certainly wasn't the first to do so.

Archaeology & History

Long-lost Dead Sea Scroll resurfaces 60 years later

9-9-2022 | 3

One of the historic scrolls has unexpectedly turned up some six decades after it was thought to have been lost.

Archaeology & History

Egypt's pyramid builders utilized annual floods, study claims

8-31-2022 | 1

Recent research has cast new light on how the ancient Egyptians might have constructed the pyramids of Giza.

Archaeology & History

Map shows evidence of long-lost 'Welsh Atlantis'

8-22-2022 | 5

A legendary lost land once thought to exist in Cardigan Bay has shown up on an old 13-Century map of the British Isles.

Archaeology & History

Vast megalithic complex discovered in Spain

8-19-2022 | 11

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of more than 500 standing stones in Huelva, Spain.

Archaeology & History

New evidence suggests Howard Carter stole King Tut relics

8-14-2022 | 5

A previously unpublished letter seems to support the idea that the tomb's discoverer made off with some of its contents.

Archaeology & History

Maya may have played ball games with the ashes of their cremated rulers

8-11-2022 | 3

Researchers believe that the ashes of cremated Maya rulers were used to create rubber balls used in ballgames.

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