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The UFO Phenomenon

Christmas UFO sighting in Canada

January 2, 2010 | Comment icon 3 comments

Image Credit: Ctd 2005
A couple in Canada reported witnessing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day. The four orange lights were seen to zoom across the sky in different directions, converging over the mountain.
Nanaimo's Chris Ansell and Kathleen Kirby have crossed Santa Claus off their list as they search for answers after they reported seeing four unidentified flying objects over Mount Benson on Christmas Day.

Source: Canada.com | Comments (3)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by PotterManiac 13 years ago
four ufo's...alrite...wait...FOUR UFO's?!!!
Comment icon #2 Posted by :PsYKoTiC:BeHAvIoR: 13 years ago
Santa upgraded his sled with four LED spotlights to better navigate during flight.
Comment icon #3 Posted by danda 13 years ago
Hi We live in a small village called Perry Green in the UK. On Christmas night about 9pm I went outside to see if it was snowing and in the sky to the south of me was a bright orange/red light. At first i thought it was a hot air ballon then i relised it was moving towards me really fast like a jet fighter but this was silent. This is the second time something like this has happened to me....So is there really something out there?? I sure would like to find out.

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