Sunday, April 21, 2024
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The UFO Phenomenon

Legendary director Steven Spielberg's next movie will be about UFOs

4-19-2024 | 2

The director of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' is returning to the genre after several decades.

The UFO Phenomenon

Canada's best-documented UFO case still intrigues 57 years on

4-17-2024 | 7

Almost six decades ago, a chilling encounter with an unidentified object left one man with physical injuries.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ex-Navy officer: 'Underwater UFOs jeopardize US maritime security'

 VIDEO  4-15-2024 | 29

A retired rear admiral has expressed concerns over UFOs that have the ability to transition from air to water.

The UFO Phenomenon

Strange glowing blue object descends into river in Philadelphia

4-14-2024 | 8

Witnesses managed to capture the spectacle on film as the mysterious object slowly descended into the water.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA offers explanation for mysterious object orbiting the Moon

4-13-2024 | 0

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently photographed a curious object moving at high speed.

The UFO Phenomenon

10-page UFO dossier released by Australia's Department of Defence

4-9-2024 | 86

The Australian government released the files to the public following a Freedom of Information Act request.

The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix's Files of the Unexplained: who was Calvin Parker ?

 VIDEO  4-9-2024 | 5

The first episode of the new Netflix show explores the alleged alien abduction of two men in Pascagoula.

The UFO Phenomenon

Westall UFO witnesses are still seeking answers over 58 years on

4-7-2024 | 132

A high-profile mass UFO sighting in Australia is still no closer to being solved almost six decades later.

The UFO Phenomenon

Robbie Williams believes that his fame may have made him a target for aliens

4-5-2024 | 44

The British singer maintains a keen interest in the unexplained and has had a number of UFO experiences.

The UFO Phenomenon

Metallic UFO captured on camera by airline passenger over New York City

 VIDEO  4-2-2024 | 64

The object, which resembled a metallic disc, quickly zipped past the window at considerable speed.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot who saw a UFO sent eerie final message before disappearing

3-29-2024 | 34

Over 45 years ago, pilot Frederick Valentich vanished without a trace after encountering a UFO off the coast of Australia.

The UFO Phenomenon

Indian police officers report UFO sightings near nuclear power plants

3-27-2024 | 20

Something seems to be buzzing nuclear power plants in India and nobody knows what it could be.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scientists determine where in the US you are most likely to see a UFO

3-23-2024 | 83

In a new study, researchers put together a map showing the parts of the country where sightings are most common.

The UFO Phenomenon

Oil rig worker photographs two UFOs hovering off coast of Tampico, Mexico

3-22-2024 | 3

The worker photographed two objects - one disc-shaped and one triangular - that hovered in the sky for 10 minutes.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO enthusiast recalls 'missing time' experience in Scotland in 1993

3-21-2024 | 11

David Paton believes that he had an otherworldly encounter while driving home one night over 30 years ago.

The UFO Phenomenon

MI6 unit recovered 'non-human' craft 40 years ago, claims ex-paratrooper

3-20-2024 | 34

A former British Special Forces paratrooper claims that the UK military captured a crashed alien spacecraft in the 1980s.

The UFO Phenomenon

Declassified UFO footage is now available on AARO's website

3-16-2024 | 0

The Pentagon's official UFO office now has a section on its website dedicated to videos of UAPs.

The UFO Phenomenon

Phoenix Lights mass UFO sighting continues to intrigue 27 years on

3-15-2024 | 7

On March 13th, 1997, sightings of a V-shaped formation of lights over Arizona would go on to make headline news.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon considered program to reverse-engineer UFOs, report claims

3-12-2024 | 16

The Pentagon's recent UFO report includes references to a UFO reverse-engineering program known as Kona Blue.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon releases new report denying UFO and alien cover-up claims

3-9-2024 | 31

The report seeks to quash claims that the US government is in possession of reverse-engineered alien technology.

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