Monday, October 2, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Netflix show 'Encounters' explores Broad Haven Triangle mystery

 VIDEO  10-1-2023 | 7

A new Netflix show takes a closer look at a spate of over 450 UFO sightings that were reported in a remote area of Wales.

The UFO Phenomenon

How NASA plans to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon

9-25-2023 | 35

Cosmologist Christopher Pattison takes a look at NASA's plans for the future of UFO research.

The UFO Phenomenon

Hacker Gary McKinnon attacks NASA's UFO report conclusions

9-23-2023 | 11

The 57-year-old ended up in hot water after hacking NASA's computers where he claimed to have found evidence of UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon

Should we be doing more to search for UFOs in the ocean ?

9-22-2023 | 15

UFOs are typically observed in the sky, but there have also been numerous sightings of objects emerging from beneath the waves.

The UFO Phenomenon

Chariots of the gods: how UFOs left their mark in ancient cultures

9-21-2023 | 34

UFOs are not an exclusively modern phenomenon - people have been seeing objects in the sky for thousands of years.

The UFO Phenomenon

The X-Files' David Duchovny offers his theory on alien visitation

9-19-2023 | 6

Fox Mulder himself has offered up a rather unconventional explanation for why aliens might visit the Earth.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA reveals name of its new director of research into UFOs

9-17-2023 | 2

The identity of the space agency's new UFO boss was previously withheld due to concerns over harassment.

The UFO Phenomenon

NASA releases its 33-page report on yearlong study into UAPs

 VIDEO  9-14-2023 | 35

A media briefing earlier today outlined the findings in the report as well as what it could all mean for the future of UFO research.

The UFO Phenomenon

Details of secret UFO memo sent to Justin Trudeau revealed

9-10-2023 | 71

The memo concerned the shooting down of a UAP over Canada's Yukon Peninsula earlier this year.

The UFO Phenomenon

The Pentagon has launched an official website for UFO reports

9-1-2023 | 9

The official site of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office will make sightings, photographs and documents easy to view.

The UFO Phenomenon

Congress 'intrigued' by UFO testimonies, says Jeff Duncan

8-31-2023 | 5

Recent claims concerning UFOs and 'alien biologics' have reportedly intrigued several members of Congress.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Roadblocks' could make further UFO hearings 'impossible'

8-20-2023 | 12

Things are not looking particularly promising for more hearings on the subject of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ryan Graves shares airline pilot's UFO testimony on Twitter

8-19-2023 | 23

The former Navy pilot and UFO witness has started to publish the testimonies of other pilots who have had UFO encounters.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ryan Graves: subcommittee revelations are 'tip of the iceberg'

8-8-2023 | 122

The former Navy pilot had spoken out about his own experiences during the recent subcommittee hearing on UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon

William Shatner calls recent UFO revelations 'ridiculous'

 VIDEO  8-6-2023 | 36

The immortal Star Trek actor called into question the idea that aliens would travel all the way to Earth and then 'hide'.

The UFO Phenomenon

More Americans than ever now believe in UFOs, polls suggest

8-3-2023 | 65

Recent revelations about UFOs, as well as the recent subcommittee hearing, have rekindled interest in the topic.

The UFO Phenomenon

Head of Pentagon's UFO office plays down claims made at hearing

8-1-2023 | 31

Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, has written a memo about the revelations.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysteries revisited: Stanton Friedman's Roswell witness letter

7-29-2023 | 55

The letter had been part of an enormous archive of letters and documents kept by the late UFO researcher.

The UFO Phenomenon

Scientists and UFO researchers weigh in on subcommittee hearing

7-28-2023 | 202

Prominent figures including Professor Brian Cox and MUFON director David MacDonald have offered up their reactions.

The UFO Phenomenon

Whistleblower: 'non-human biologics’ found at UFO crash sites

 VIDEO  7-27-2023 | 202

Several key witnesses made a number of startling claims at yesterday's subcommittee hearing on UFOs.

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