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Dead woman comes back to life

February 19, 2010 | Comment icon 32 comments

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In a classic case of "Lazarus Syndrome" a dead woman who was being prepared for burial suddenly started breathing again.
Its rare but it can happen, despite being declared dead only one day prior the woman started breathing again on her own and was moved to a hospital where it was found that she was actually in a coma.
Funeral home workers in the Colombian city of Cali got the shock of a lifetime when an apparently dead 45-year-old woman suddenly started breathing and moving as they prepared her for burial, AFP reported Wednesday.

Source: Fox News | Comments (32)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #23 Posted by kaifreaky 12 years ago
I remember a story that circulated during the civilian uprising against the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania.I don't know if it's just an urban legend, but here it is: During that uprising the civilian victims were brought in to a certain morgue. On some late night a young dead woman was brought into the morgue, and after the people who brought her in had left, the warden lifted up the sheet that she was covered in and noticed that she was a really beautiful woman. He also noticed she was still 'warm', and thought by himself something like, "Hmm, no one around, and what a beauty she is..."... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Javril 12 years ago
Do Not Resuscitate One of the places I worked was very rural and we had to deal with forest fires all the time...I have been on several mobilizations for fires in of the guys I met that worked for Department of Natural resources as a firefighter went out and got a tattoo on his chest that said "DNR"...everyone looked at it and thought that it was a medical Do Not Resuscitate protocol rather than anything to do with firefighting...He went back and had "Department of Natural resources" added to the top of the tattoo in smaller type, just to make it clear... I know this is of top... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by lookingfortruth 12 years ago
Supposing she wasn't breathing, how is this possible without extreme brain damage?
Comment icon #26 Posted by 6FeetUnder 12 years ago
I think thats how they decided it was a good idea to put a pin through the big toe of the decesed..just to make sure they were dead..
Comment icon #27 Posted by Dark Morphling 12 years ago
Comment icon #28 Posted by Paracelse 12 years ago
Supposing she wasn't breathing, how is this possible without extreme brain damage? Perhaps this why she is a coma now???? :innocent:
Comment icon #29 Posted by One or Alister Wayman etc. 12 years ago
I'm thinking bfore I click this "Let me guess.. it was recovery from heart failure." But, I was surprised to find differently. It should've been titled 'dead' woman comes back to life.. Geez, if it says right here they discovered she was actually in a coma, why bother reading the rest of the article?.. :/ OMG ITS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, EVERYONE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE'S!!!! LOL. XD Quick one! ^^
Comment icon #30 Posted by Dr. Olakadakaboo 12 years ago
this is part of why they embalm people... good thing they didn't drain her juices yet.
Comment icon #31 Posted by theQ 12 years ago
Then the correct wording would be "supposed dead women comes back to life" not as a fact that she was dead and then came back to life...another case of misleading headlines to lure readers.
Comment icon #32 Posted by Mangled7 12 years ago
That's different.

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