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Space & Astronomy

Probes to explore the galaxy by 2020

February 26, 2010 | Comment icon 5 comments

Image Credit: NASA
A leading Caltech physicist has said that the future of space exploration lies with intelligent space probes.
There's no doubt that unmanned probes have provided a wealth of information about our solar system, many physicists believe that the future of space exploration will revolve around the development of spacecraft that can act on their own without needing human intervention.
Before the year 2020, scientists are expected to launch intelligent space robots that will venture out to explore the universe for us. "Robotic exploration probably will always be the trail blazer for human exploration of far space," says Wolfgang Fink, physicist and researcher at Caltech.

Source: Daily Galaxy | Comments (5)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Alien Being 12 years ago
I think this idea is a fairly good thing since man is in no way ready to explore the far reaches, I wonder if we could get a satellite with Sputniks capabilities onto a chip a few billionths of a meter wide. We coudl then put it in Cern and accelerate it up to near the speed of light and launch it at the nearest star system to provide us with information.
Comment icon #2 Posted by ninjadude 12 years ago
Scientist does not explain how he can go FTL to explore the "milky way"......
Comment icon #3 Posted by SpiderCyde 12 years ago
Yeah...we'll send a robotic probe out into the Milky Way Galaxy, then it'll get upgraded by cybernetic aliens. After that is when it decides to head back to Earth to find it's original creator at which point it gets severly dissappointed and decides to destroy us. Let's just hope William Shatner is still around to bail us out. that wore me out, gonna sleep now. lol
Comment icon #4 Posted by JohnPeniel 12 years ago
Why bother getting excited over another freakin probe going out into space? Whatever it discovers, NASA and the rest of the government will be absolutely sure NOT to share their findings with the rest of us anyway.
Comment icon #5 Posted by kobolds 12 years ago
in order to do this , the first thing to do is increase the speed . it will be pointless if it take 100 or 1000 years to spend on traveling. something like FTL in SGU

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