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Two crop circles depicting Shroud of Turin?

August 5, 2010 | Comment icon 42 comments

Image Credit:
Two crop circles have turned up near the M4 motorway in England that appear to depict the face of Jesus.
The patterns within the circles seem to closely resemble the face of Christ as seen on the Shroud of Turin, each circle is 250ft in diameter and they are placed on either side of the motorway.
Drivers speed along one of Britain's busiest motorways completely oblivious to the Holy presence that surrounds them. For two crop circles depicting the face of Jesus Christ have appeared on either side of the M4 near Hungerford in Berkshire.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (42)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #33 Posted by B'Elanna 11 years ago
I can sort of see C3PO if I look really hard, but not the image of Jesus. tis wishful thinking on someone's part, methinks!
Comment icon #34 Posted by MarkSteven 11 years ago
It has to be him, it matches the last supper painting! cept for a little older and a beard
Comment icon #35 Posted by JGirl 11 years ago
aren't we mixing our fantasies here a bit? aliens depicting jesus in their crop circles? alrightie then.
Comment icon #36 Posted by Agent. Mulder 11 years ago
aren't we mixing our fantasies here a bit? aliens depicting jesus in their crop circles? alrightie then. Yeah, its pretty ridiculous.
Comment icon #37 Posted by Jax Jax 11 years ago
i dont see it at all it kind of reminds me of the scar my mom has on her arm from a shot she got growing up (where it was a whole bunch of shots given at the same time)
Comment icon #38 Posted by JGirl 11 years ago
i just had another look, and it's not jesus at all! it's dr. cornelius from planet of the apes.
Comment icon #39 Posted by Ascadia 11 years ago
The Shroud of Turin? Really? That looks more like the abacus from hell.
Comment icon #40 Posted by bluelight 11 years ago
um.. the only face i see in there even when I squint is a homer simpson o.o
Comment icon #41 Posted by happy manah 11 years ago
it can be anything just imaging a thing, put it in the crop circle, you will see it?
Comment icon #42 Posted by Shade13 11 years ago
all i have to say is sloppy photshop works guys. I made better looking "pictures" in the seventh grade on a retarded computer.

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