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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Reindeer meat on sale for Christmas

November 16, 2010 | Comment icon 25 comments

Image Credit: US Fish and Wildlife Service
UK supermarket Lidl has been under fire for stocking reindeer meat on the run up to Christmas.
The store has attracted a great deal of criticism and has been accused of "destroying the magic of Christmas" by stocking the controversial product, further criticism has also been levelled at the cruel methods used to herd the animals.
A discount supermarket chain has been accused of destroying the magic of Christmas after putting reindeer steaks on its shelves. Lidl, which has more than 500 shops in Britain, is the first multiple grocery retailer in the UK to introduce reindeer meat in the run-up to the festive season.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (25)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #16 Posted by JGirl 11 years ago
every summer friends of ours have a huge party at their ranch called christmas in july. they decorate the trees and yard with christmas stuff, have a huge christmas tree decorated outside as well. the food is laid out smorg style and every year there is a man in a santa suit carving up the bbq'd reindeer meat. i think it's priceless!
Comment icon #17 Posted by Rhincewind 11 years ago
my family used to eat rabbit every Easter and we were sorta normal......... eating rabbit is never normal. Niether is eating reindeer. at xmas
Comment icon #18 Posted by JGirl 11 years ago
eating rabbit is never normal. Niether is eating reindeer. at xmas define normal.
Comment icon #19 Posted by The Unseen 11 years ago
Magic of christmas being destroyed from the sell of deer meat? what a bunch of idiot people,The meaning of Christmas was lost a long time ago,With all this stupid crap the way people think.Give me a deer steak anyday Ill eat a ton of it.Put Rudolfs hing quarter on the grill and make it medium rare.Does any one of you so called U.M. members know the true meaning of Christmas?I bet you do only some have chosen to forget.Who cares about how much deer meat is eaten during this time of year.Christmas is about the Baby Jesus and how he came to be,Its his birthday and it should be celebrated as such,... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by The Unseen 11 years ago
It's a great way to scare good manners into your children. "Kids, Santa knows when you're naughty or nice. If you're naughty, you'll end up like those poor reindeers." LOL! Funny,but crazy at the same time.Hey Are those Reindeer steaks ready yet?
Comment icon #21 Posted by JGirl 11 years ago
Reindeer steaks are good but the elf chops are better. if you eat elf meat is it considered cannibalism, because they're sorta kinda people too? or are they, like, a different species so it's ok? i'm so confused about the rules where that's concerned. my rule is, i don't eat meat that eats meat.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Ruby04 11 years ago
If on the package it said something like Fresh Reindeer steaks from Santa to you then yeah I would see a problem. However there isn't, meats such as reindeer have been eaten for centuries.
Comment icon #23 Posted by xihui_firefly 11 years ago
Just call it Caribou instead of Reindeer. Problem solved
Comment icon #24 Posted by The Unseen 11 years ago
eating rabbit is never normal. Niether is eating reindeer. at xmas I'll have a plate of Roudolf and a side order of thumper.LOL
Comment icon #25 Posted by Armwaver 11 years ago
I bet these people would not say no to Reindeer meat if they were starving to death, its meat get over it. Besides, how long has the human race been eating meat for? Some people need to get a grip of themselves, i might go try some there's a lidl near me.

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