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Ghosts & Hauntings

Malaysian home plagued by ghosts

By T.K. Randall
January 13, 2011 · Comment icon 23 comments

Image Credit: stockxpert
A home in Malaysia has been plagued by paranormal activity and a series of mysterious fires.
Several paranormal experts have attempted to rid the home of Zainab Sulaiman of "evil" spirits said to be responsible for a series of disturbances and fires. In the latest attempt a group of muslim ghostbusters known called Darul Shifaq spent half the night there but failed to exorcise the spirits. "We have come across this sort of paranormal activity before, and her an­cient belongings may be the cause of the fires," said the group's leader Zakaria Ya.
There seems to be no end to Zainab Sulaiman's woes despite several attempts by paranormal experts to rid her of spirits believed to be behind over 200 mysterious fires which have broken out in her home.

Source: Asia One | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by angi chiesa 14 years ago
I live in Thailand. A wooden house in the hot sunshine is a fire waiting to happen. This worries me a lot because my house here is made of wood.A small uncontrolled fire could quickly burn my house to the ground.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Evilution13 14 years ago
I do beleive in ghosts as such, but it is possible that the women herself or a family member is actually starting these fires. People do all sorts of crazy things.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Rosemarys-Baby 14 years ago
Pyromaniac Sleep for the spirits...she needs to remind them of who is control!...G.O.D.
Comment icon #17 Posted by JCon 14 years ago
The article goes on to say "...though she kept moving the toaster to diffferent spots throughout the house, the menevolant spirits kept #^$*ing with it..."
Comment icon #18 Posted by Graveyard Hound 14 years ago
Ya gotta wonder if the "experts" are as "expert" as advertised? If all else fails, try threats.
Comment icon #19 Posted by minera 14 years ago
sounds like poltergeist activity to me.
Comment icon #20 Posted by angi chiesa 14 years ago
The people here in Eastern Asia do believe avidly in ghosts and witches. My Burmese girlfriend blames anything that goes wrong on the old lady that lives next door. I told her about this ghost making fires in a house,many times. She said that she had never heard of this and thought it was me joking with her.Well I do joke with her every time her gets misplaced by the witch next door.
Comment icon #21 Posted by scaredgirl 14 years ago
I have seen a man standing infront of my bed.....and walked to the bathroom and saw him sitting in the living room...I think the ghost or the man was killed tragically...since the two years time it was went from seeing him...I dont know if he has been trying to protect me or hurt me becouse it has been getting worse...I staretd having night terors exept it wasent just screaming and waking up...I was screaming over my Aunts bed just screaming...For a couple months it stoped and it got a little better...Then I started to feel like I was being chocked..I couldent see a figure but ... I could hear... [More]
Comment icon #22 Posted by EternalBlizzard 14 years ago
then just use water if water doesnt work its really paranormal
Comment icon #23 Posted by haunted_rufio 14 years ago
I had a dream about this. That the women kept refusing her neighbors kindness and the neighbor hexed her.

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