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Are dogs born with "caninine telepathy" ?

By T.K. Randall
June 12, 2011 · Comment icon 33 comments

Image Credit: Bogdan Giuşcă
A new study suggests that dogs are so in tune with us that they may even be able to read our minds.
Dogs have been attributed with being able to sense a number of things about people including being able to tell when someone is tired, depressed or even if they are unwell before any outward indications of these feelings become apparant.
Dogs are so in tune with us that they can read our minds, according to a new Learning & Behavior study that also determined canines are probably born with the ability. Practice makes perfect, however, so the more a dog hangs around humans, the better he or she becomes at "canine telepathy," which actually relies upon hyperawareness of the senses.

Source: Discovery News | Comments (33)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #24 Posted by Neognosis 13 years ago
Irresponsible "journalism" to call it "telepathy." Wolves are also NOT wild dogs, and they have a whole separate set of social cues and behaviors that domesticated dogs simply do not have.
Comment icon #25 Posted by Taut 13 years ago
I knew the social cues thing would be the best argument and I agree, it's like the horse that can do math, but seriously, I've seen it happen with no cues and no possible way the dog could have heard the car, or whatever, and I couldn't give cues because I didn't know. Like I said, to each his own.
Comment icon #26 Posted by lightly 13 years ago
Cats too. I don't know if it should be called telepathy.. but my wife has watched our kitties exhibit ..(he's almost home behavior) .. for a combined 34 years... and I would see "her cat" get up and go to the window to watch for her impending arrival... which was minutes away every time... and the time would vary , so it was never a case of .. it's THAT time. They just KNOW.
Comment icon #27 Posted by Hilander 13 years ago
I believe that animals in general have telepathic abilities. One time when I was cooking and it was done, I kept thinking I wish they would come in here to see if its done instead of me going to the living room to get them. My Rottweiler was laying a couple of feet away from me and she jumped up, ran to the living room and took my husband by the hand and made him follow her to the kitchen. After that there was another time when I was feeding my horse his grain I was purposely trying to send him a mental message. I was concentrating hard trying to send him a mental message that the gate to the ... [More]
Comment icon #28 Posted by TahliaSS 13 years ago
I can communicate with animals so I know thru can talk telepathically
Comment icon #29 Posted by Annabis 13 years ago
Eh, Canine Telepathy - how about Conditioned Reflex?
Comment icon #30 Posted by Mieuwie 13 years ago
thts why it is said dogs are the best and most faithful companion in life who can understand you and be wiv u in either gud and bad times
Comment icon #31 Posted by thewild 13 years ago
my dogs know that they can communicate with me with their faces... I read their expressions all the time. They are so funny
Comment icon #32 Posted by UFO_Monster 13 years ago
If my dog has telepathy, she is either spiteful or too stupid to use it.
Comment icon #33 Posted by scheming_dreaming 13 years ago
If my dog has telepathy, she is either spiteful or too stupid to use it. maybe both just be glads its not cats with telepathy, we'd all be in trouble

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