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Nature & Environment

Nuclear fears over bunny with no ears

By T.K. Randall
June 12, 2011 · Comment icon 32 comments

Image Credit: Steve Herman
New concerns have been raised over the Fukushima plant incident after a rabbit was found with no ears.
The rabbit was born close to the scene of the disaster sparking fears that recent events may have contaminated the wildlife in its vacinity. Earlier this week the Japanese government announced that up to two times as much radiation was released than was previously thought.
Fresh fears over a nuclear leak at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima plant have re-ignited after a rabbit born close to the facility was discovered with no ears.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (32)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #23 Posted by Emperor470 12 years ago
Comment icon #24 Posted by Carnivorous Entity 12 years ago
Nuclear radiation fallout is linked to sudden genetic mutations in offspring of animals and plants, plus new concern on humans born after the Fukushima accidents, when radioactive minerals interfere with DNA genetic structure and the rearrangement of genes will produce bizarre traits in the affected living organism. These things were reported in close analysis studies of forest animals and domestic pets around Chernboyl 25 years ago, and indeed radiation-caused birth defects on lots of babies born after the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki 65 years ago. Do you have a source for your Chernobyl... [More]
Comment icon #25 Posted by ShadowSot 12 years ago
Do you have a source for your Chernobyl facts? I've never been able to find anything about animals there being changed in any significant way. Well, according to Dr. Nick Thermopalis, worms grew a whopping percentage in size.
Comment icon #26 Posted by aquatus1 12 years ago
"17 percent, huh? Sounds big."
Comment icon #27 Posted by Avant 12 years ago
Wait for the fish with 3 eyes, then we'll know Godzilla is only a matter of time.
Comment icon #28 Posted by SolarPlexus 12 years ago
Rofl when next tsunami hits Japan godzilla is gonna come along with it XD
Comment icon #29 Posted by perceptivefeedback 12 years ago
Next will be Humans with missing limbs
Comment icon #30 Posted by perceptivefeedback 12 years ago
or bunnies with 4 ears
Comment icon #31 Posted by aquatus1 12 years ago
Yeah, before we start talking about post-apocalyptic CHUDS walking around, how about we confirm that this one report about one bunny many other bunnies where born in this area? Well, we don't know, do we, so about we first confirm that this one bunny was actually caused by radiation, instead of by the same things that cause no ears on other bunnies before the disaster?
Comment icon #32 Posted by lilcharleslanca 12 years ago
Only in Fukushima. Radiation should have been spotted far before the "bunny." If that was to happen in the USA we would of had spotted a radiation leak IMMEDIATLY, there would have been alarms and precations within seconds. Luckily were not in Fukushima

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