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Yellowstone visitors report mystery 'music'

By T.K. Randall
February 27, 2012 · Comment icon 31 comments

Image Credit: Jon Sullivan
Strange celestial sounds have been heard by visitors to the picturesque Yellowstone National Park.
For years the sounds have been described by visitors as a type of enigmatic music coming from the skies around the shoreline of Yellowstone lake. "They resemble the ringing of telegraph wires or the humming of a swarm of bees, beginning softly in the distance, growing rapidly plainer until directly overhead, and then fading as rapidly in the opposite direction," wrote Hiram M. Chittenden in 1895. Professor of biology Edwin Linton also heard the sounds in 1890 while on a U.S. Fish Commission project.
Linton and others have described the sounds as “harp-like” or similar to human voices or the sound of metal cables crashing against each other, but no satisfactory explanation has yet been offered for their origin.

Source: Yellowstone Gate | Comments (31)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #22 Posted by Bobby Digital 11 years ago
If it decides to blow, it might just be better to be smack-dab in the center. At least, your end will be quick while the rest of the Nation chokes on ash.
Comment icon #23 Posted by jesspy 11 years ago
"shes just clearing her throat, she hasnt begun to sing yet" - dantes peak. This is like those bloop noises and noises heard around the world its tectonics and steam, ice rubbing, ice melting.
Comment icon #24 Posted by QuiteContrary 11 years ago Don't know if it relates at all, as it seems you need equipment to hear these, but I was told of these by someone who regularly listens for them in the field.
Comment icon #25 Posted by missymoo999 11 years ago
There was a creepy horror movie with this theme.Some town that disappears,and this group go out to investigate,and end up murdering one another. They hear this creepy music like noise ,that doesn't stop.Makes em all insane .
Comment icon #26 Posted by bouncer 11 years ago
The OP link gives me Not Found Anyone got a working link?
Comment icon #27 Posted by QuiteContrary 11 years ago
I think it's dwarves that live in the There is a well-known Bigfoot researcher on a team of scientists, who believes just that. Yep,LOL
Comment icon #28 Posted by UniqueWolf 11 years ago
IT'S ALIENS! No acutally it is just geological stuff. Either it could be harmless (use your imagination here) or harmful, like it showing that it would erupt.
Comment icon #29 Posted by NiteMarcher 11 years ago
Comment icon #30 Posted by Bluefinger 11 years ago
There have been similar experiences in Clintonville, Wisconsin lately, so I hear.
Comment icon #31 Posted by Erudite Celt 11 years ago
Harmonic resonance.

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