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Top brain surgeon claims afterlife exists

October 12, 2012 | Comment icon 177 comments

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A Harvard-educated neurosurgeon had a change of heart after he had his own near-death experience.
[!gad]Dr Eben Alexander had previously dismissed the idea of there being an afterlife until he slipped in to a coma in 2008 after contracting meningitis. What followed was an experience that would change his outlook forever and turn him from a skeptic in to a believer. He described it as "something so profound that it gave me a scientific reason to believe in consciousness after death." During the coma he remembered meeting a beautiful woman with blue eyes in an environment filled with clouds and 'shimmering beings'.

"A huge and booming like a glorious chant, came down from above, and I wondered if the winged beings were producing it," he added. "The sound was palpable and almost material, like a rain that you can feel on your skin but doesn't get you wet."
Dr Alexander says he had heard stories from patients who spoke of outer body experiences but had disregarded them as "wishful thinking" but has reconsidered his opinion following his own experience.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (177)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #168 Posted by GIDEON MAGE 10 years ago
Atque ego quidem arbitror esse possumus cogitare aliquid ultra realitatem. Prope iam non experiri, sed ex jurata opinor.
Comment icon #169 Posted by Hilander 10 years ago
I became totally convinced of the afterlife when I saw a ghost.
Comment icon #170 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
I had an NDE in 1999. D.C. still on my records,but I get periods of OBE's that were more prevalent after the NDE.
Comment icon #171 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
I am on my mobile which limits me;what I experienced was so profound that I do not fear death and our bodies are husks.
Comment icon #172 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
I am around death and dying where I live. One resident recently passed over and all I saw was a husk.The real part of her left.
Comment icon #173 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
I knew her,before she left. She was.91,she was ready;the paramediccs did not cover her face. The reality is so profound...
Comment icon #174 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
...Our bodies are vessels that carry our ethereal that we can learn and grow spiritually. Death is not the end.
Comment icon #175 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
In fact,having had an NDE,it is just the beginning of something that is too overwhelming to express.
Comment icon #176 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
Life on Earth is just one part of the journey. What we become when that journey ends depends...
Comment icon #177 Posted by rachelkleypassparrow 10 years ago
...on how we travelled and the paths, we choose in life and how we treat one another along the way.

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