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Ghosts & Hauntings

Market 'ghost' caught on camera

May 22, 2013 | Comment icon 61 comments

Image Credit: Youtube
A potentially paranormal disturbance has been filmed on CCTV at the Wellington Indoor Market.
The footage recorded at the building in Shropshire appears to show a very faint shadow ascending the staircase from left to right and then a pile of boxes falling down from the top right of the steps. Market manager Kay Boaky had discovered the recording on CCTV after finding the boxes strewn across the floor when she arrived at work.

"There was nobody there when the boxes fell off," she said. "We watched it again and we could see the shadow walking up the stairs then chucking the boxes over." It isn't the first such incident to occur at the market either, over the years there have been reports of doors slamming shut on their own and phantom coughing sounds being heard when nobody else was in the building.
The events were captured at 2. 22am on May 4, according to Town and Country Markets, which posted the video.

Source: Metro | Comments (61)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #52 Posted by Ad hoc 9 years ago
Never mind condensation, I demand compensation. you'll have to make do with consolation. How about condemnation? It's all getting complication. but we'd better stay on thread or our comments will get cancellation.
Comment icon #53 Posted by AlienDan 9 years ago
What shadow figure? bull**** video.
Comment icon #54 Posted by g_man427 9 years ago
As interesting as the footage may be, I will have to put my money on faked. Watch the video carefully, highest quality. Right before the boxes fall. There's a jump. A change in the videos pixels. The sort of jump that you get when you edit or cut a segment out of a film.
Comment icon #55 Posted by paranormalgurl 9 years ago
I popped my eyes on the screen like 100 times didn't see anything wtf??
Comment icon #56 Posted by paranormalgurl 9 years ago
There have surely been someone dead there! there you got a theory!
Comment icon #57 Posted by SeanJPD 9 years ago
The only thing I am seeing before the boxes fall is the video changing and the date vanishing. Video has obviously been edited.
Comment icon #58 Posted by SeanJPD 9 years ago
you'll have to make do with consolation. It's all getting complication. but we'd better stay on thread or our comments will get cancellation. This is becoming quite a compilation...
Comment icon #59 Posted by coldethyl 9 years ago
This is becoming quite a compilation... Indeed. All over some contrived stock room company.
Comment icon #60 Posted by captain pish 9 years ago
why are things falling from top to bottom and not otherwise? i dont believe in ghosts at all but that was strange... Yeah, things falling over due to physics is real strange
Comment icon #61 Posted by skydivingstars 9 years ago
Hmm. I dunno about this one. Like somebody said, there could have been somebody dressed in black hiding under the stairs that somehow rigged it to make the "boxes fall on their own", or it very well could be legit. They do look horribly stacked though. Lol hope it was nothing too fragile

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