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Sleep paralysis can lead to ghost sightings

By T.K. Randall
January 19, 2015 · Comment icon 106 comments

An early depiction of a hallucinated creature during sleep paralysis. Image Credit: John Henry Fuseli
The terrifying phenomenon may account for numerous sightings of ghosts, monsters, demons and more.
Most people will have experienced sleep paralysis at least once at some point in their lives - that disconcerting sensation of waking up in bed yet being unable to move or call for help.

Researchers believe that sleep paralysis occurs when a person wakes up during REM sleep, a state in which dreams are experienced but during which the muscles are paralyzed, most likely as an evolutionary mechanism to prevent us from physically acting out the movements in our dreams.
While most of the time the paralysis will disappear within a minute or two of waking, for some the experience can continue for some time and bring with it a host of disturbing hallucinations.

Some of the less common symptoms of sleep paralysis can include the feeling that someone is watching you or standing over your bed. The intruder, which may take the form of any horror your mind can conceive, can even climb on top of you, producing the feeling of being crushed.

Some psychologists argue that incidents of sleep paralysis therefore may account for stories of people waking up in the night to see apparitions, dark figures, demons or other entities present in their room while being unable to move or call for help.

Source: Live Science | Comments (106)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #97 Posted by Liquid Gardens 2 years ago
Then simply provide an analogy to another true subject where 'good evidence' emerges only from thousands of pieces if this is so obvious and non-controversial.  Again, judgment and opinions may or may not have anything to do with reason.  The reason you think particular things like sleep paralysis and the mandela effect, et al, involve astral things is because you think astral things exist; you seem to think astral things exist based on the 'evidence' of people's experiences with the sleep paralysis and the ME, et al.  Isn't that a circular argument?  Are circular arguments reasonable? It'... [More]
Comment icon #98 Posted by papageorge1 2 years ago
Perhaps better than the greatest basketball player analogy is a courtroom analogy. Let's say a murder trial  where an accumulation of evidence can make one judge 'guilty beyond reasonable doubt'.  As far as the paranormal and related things go, I think you have an unreasonable sweep away of evidence that certainly doesn't seem to fit the materialist view citing things like lying and mental perception errors to an unreasonable extent given my experience with myself and humanity. After a few thousand cases (extrapolated to millions certainly) the non-believer's trial argument eventually approa... [More]
Comment icon #99 Posted by Liquid Gardens 2 years ago
That is all that should ever need to be discussed, compelling cases, just like topics about real things.  You rarely do though, we have seriously talked about everything else around it.  Are there any compelling cases that people with sleep paralysis have really been visited by other creatures?  I'll just throw out argument-wise that if it can be argued to infinity then by definition it is not 'compelling', but set that standard aside, let's be more loose and take advantage of what you have surveyed.  What's the most compelling 'shadow figure' case sleep paralysis wise?  Given what you sa... [More]
Comment icon #100 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Batty? Maybe some drop bear landed on its head too many times when their jump to paranormal was proven dead wrong over and over. PapaG its a new year and im gonna try something new in my postings and that waste time with dead ends we both know data, info, evidence etc only plays into your opinions if it furthers your biased agenda everything is likely paranormal, so when you reply over and to me with the dame lame rebuttles ill just cut and paste this to you. Have a great 2024.
Comment icon #101 Posted by papageorge1 2 years ago
I think we now have a case of moving goal posts. We switched the discussion   to the paranormal in general now you’re switching it back to sleep paralysis entities. Now I am not claiming objectively compelling sleep paralysis cases as there are no physical evidence and chance of multiple quality witnesses. My belief in entities is an extension of teachings by clairvoyant people I have come to respect.
Comment icon #102 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
You made my point about you for me better than i ever could, thank you.  
Comment icon #103 Posted by Liquid Gardens 2 years ago
Yes, because that is the topic.  If you'd like to provide a link to the most compelling supernatural case that's probably allowed.  I would think that would be more interesting than saying how reasonable your process is in the most vague way possible, which we've covered extensively. Respect doesn't have anything to do with reason. 
Comment icon #104 Posted by papageorge1 2 years ago
So you're admitting that you switched the topic back on me and that my comments you quoted were taken out of context. As to:  If you'd like to provide a link to the most compelling supernatural case that's probably allowed. If there hasn't been one case that compellingly argues for an outside-the-box explanation yet in your lifetime of being around, I do not think I can change that. To get my respect it does. 
Comment icon #105 Posted by Liquid Gardens 2 years ago
No I didn't 'switch topics', we were talking about sleep paralysis and both made comments about the supernatural case as a whole.  It is not abundantly clear in every comment whether you are talking about just sleep paralysis or the supernatural in general.  Thanks for clearing up that you don't have any compelling sleep paralysis shadow creatures stories. Ha, the only part that is actually that interesting or can be compelling, the cases, and you nearly always want to avoid talking about them.  That's why I kept my previous post succinct to just requesting these 'compelling cases' since yo... [More]
Comment icon #106 Posted by Shiro2023 2 years ago
This is what happens when aliens try to body snatch you. Don't worry. It is only temporary. As long as you keep trying to move, you will eventually be able to move.

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