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Woman becomes genius after skiing accident

By T.K. Randall
April 17, 2015 · Comment icon 22 comments

A fall on the ski slope resulted in some remarkable new abilities. Image Credit: PD - TwoWings
A woman who hit her head while on holiday found that she had developed extraordinary mental capabilities.
The woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, had been skiing during a family holiday when she slipped and fell to the ground unconscious. Upon awakening she initially dismissed her injuries as superficial but as the pain gradually worsened over the following few days she took the wise decision to go to a hospital.

Doctors diagnosed her with a broken collarbone, a dislocated shoulder and a moderate concussion, but it wasn't until she had returned home that things really started to feel peculiar.

Something had changed in her head and it was unlike anything she had ever experienced.
"It was like I could see, though not in a literal sense because I was still having issues with vertigo, as well as this weird disconnect between what I was seeing and what my brain was processing," she wrote. "I could remember everywhere, like flicking through the pages of a book."

She was eventually diagnosed with acquired savant syndrome, an extremely rare condition that imbues the sufferer with significant improvements in memory and cognitive abilities.

It's so rare in fact that only 50 people worldwide are believed to have been diagnosed with it.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (22)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #13 Posted by Father Merrin 9 years ago
I actually had an obe after getting whacked from behind with a frying pan. I saw a white light like a tunnel turned around saw myself and said im not going out like that seemed to suck back in and awoke to my body being carried out because apparently i had no breath or pulse n was presumed dead. Same as u guys tho nothing but horribly agonizing migraines to show for it. Was it ceramic or teflon?
Comment icon #14 Posted by Athena1979 9 years ago
A frying pan. I am more interested in the frying pan.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Nnicolette 9 years ago
Iron. Actually didn't see it coming thats how i knew it was genuine because i saw it from the outside and the witnesses were shocked that i knew what had happened.
Comment icon #16 Posted by DefenceMinisterMishkin 9 years ago
Why didn't the same think happen to Schumacher?
Comment icon #17 Posted by back to earth 9 years ago
hmmm... so whacking kids with a paddle at school might not have been that wrong.... Only if you wack em in the head though.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Professor Buzzkill 9 years ago
All these stories about UM members with head injuries..... actually, it all makes sense now...
Comment icon #19 Posted by back to earth 9 years ago
When I worked at the hospital emergency ward this guy came in with a 'whacked head' ... what looked like a bit of a blood caked 'graze' on the top of his head. He said he had propped open (up) his garage tilt-a- door with some cold chisels in the joints so he could work on it, But it fell and banged him on the head. he thought he better get checked out. So he was taken for an xray but then died on the table while it was being developed. When the xray was developed it showed a large cold chisel, the top just under the surface of his skin, flush with the skull, and the end down near his brain st... [More]
Comment icon #20 Posted by TripGun 9 years ago
diD danybody said hows many timez yu hav too hit heaD?
Comment icon #21 Posted by Xocoyotzin 9 years ago
Stuff like this makes me wonder whether the brain is intentionally self-limiting
Comment icon #22 Posted by astralwitch 9 years ago
If only that could happen more often..

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