Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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ISS astronaut dons Star Trek uniform in space

Posted on Tuesday, 21 April, 2015 | Comment icon 16 comments

Cristoforetti points to the Dragon capsule outside. Image Credit: ESA / Sam Cristoforetti
Samantha Cristoforetti did her best Captain Janeway impression for an epic orbital selfie this week.
The classic science fiction TV series Star Trek has no doubt played an important role over the years in inspiring generations of space explorers to not only look towards the stars but to venture out in to space for themselves in an effort to experience the final frontier.

Now ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who is the first Italian woman in space, has celebrated all things Star Trek by donning the distinct black and red officer's uniform and capturing an image of herself pointing out of the space station's observation deck.

"There's coffee in that nebula'... ehm, I mean... in that #Dragon," she wrote on Twitter.
The quote is a reference both to an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and to the Dragon supply capsule outside which had been carrying a specially adapted espresso maker for the astronauts.

It is the first time that a uniform from the iconic TV series has ever been worn in space.

Source: CNET.com | Comments (16)

Tags: ISS, Star Trek

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by ancient astronaut on 21 April, 2015, 16:27
"Live long and prosper". And, very cool pic.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Foil Hat Ninja on 21 April, 2015, 18:24
Your dork is showing.
Comment icon #9 Posted by paperdyer on 21 April, 2015, 18:54
Your dork is showing. So what's wrong with his dork showing? That's the reason my daughter say why I don't like the Big Bang Theory, because it make fun of "My People" - dorks and comic collectors.
Comment icon #10 Posted by BeastieRunner on 21 April, 2015, 20:39
This is really the first time? It sure took awhile ...
Comment icon #11 Posted by Zalmoxis on 22 April, 2015, 1:31
Nice touch.
Comment icon #12 Posted by moon tide on 22 April, 2015, 13:35
Hardcore chicky.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Jacker on 23 April, 2015, 15:34
That's a selfie with style!
Comment icon #14 Posted by Red Moon on 23 April, 2015, 15:47
That is just so cool.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Taun on 23 April, 2015, 16:41
"Red Shirts" got changed to "Yellow Shirts" in the Next Gen and after. BTW - Boots and mini-shirt, HELL YEAH! Grace Lee Whitney used to get my adolescent hormones going every week of the first season. It's a shame she was written out so people wouldn't think Kirk was cheating on her with the bimbo of the week. It was Uhura for me... Plus whatever alien hottie was on that week...
Comment icon #16 Posted by sharksandwich on 27 April, 2015, 9:25
ISIS have a space program?!?!? Tell me this isn't true!

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