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Massive T. rex skull unearthed in Montana

August 20, 2016 | Comment icon 11 comments

The name Tyrannosaurus literally translates to 'tyrant lizard'. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Marcel Kunkel
Palaeontologists have unearthed a particularly impressive T. rex at Montana's Hell Creek Formation.
With its deadly gaping jaws and dagger-like teeth, the immaculately preserved fossilized skull of an adult Tyrannosaurus rex has been excavated from one of the world's most fossil-rich sites.

Described as 'very complete', the remains have been taken to Burke Museum in Seattle where they will go on show to the public even before the protective plaster cast has been removed.
"When we started to see those teeth with the skull, we knew we had a fantastic specimen," said Professor Greg Wilson of Washington University.

"The combination of the skull features, the size of the bones, and the honeycomb-like appearance of the bones tell us this is a T rex. This was a very exciting moment for us."

Standing 20ft high and measuring over 40ft in length, this particular specimen, which was between 15 and 25 years old when it died, would have been a force to be reckoned with when it walked the Earth during the Cretaceous period more than 66.3 million years ago.

Source: Independent | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by LoveDuet 6 years ago
Yeah, but what about those little ol' t-rex arms? :P (Quoting from Todd the Dinosaur comic. If you haven't heard of it, check it out at Comics Kingdom. Funny comic!)
Comment icon #3 Posted by Nzo 6 years ago
If this creature actually existed millions of years ago... I say it looks exactly like a kangaroo and as such its mode of transportation was to hop around. HUGE GIANT LEAPS! Right onto it's prey.† Who is to say... it is all a 95% speculative investigation. We have its skeleton, a few footprints, eggs and its carbon date that's it boys and girls... the rest is just the imaginations of archeologists. Its the same thing with black holes and dark matter. All theoretical, no direct proof, all†circumstantial. That goes for a lot of science.† † I hate science for this very reason. People start to tak... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by Clair 6 years ago
How fast could a T-Rex run.. and more important, could we have been able to out run them? Not that we have anything to worry about today obviously, but I was curious (for that just in case scenario) and found this interesting study: So at an estimated speed of 29 km/hr (18 mph) could we outrun a T-Rex? Yes, if you're Usain Bolt.
Comment icon #5 Posted by oldrover 6 years ago
Yeah, but how long can Usian Bolt run at 18mph?†
Comment icon #6 Posted by Gingitsune 6 years ago
How long can a T-Rex? If they were like cats, they are good sprinters, but they have no endurance. If they are like dogs, they can run for hours if they are trained too (like humans and horse, too). Anyway, I sould suggest not to leave too far from a narrow rock formation were you can go and where it won't.
Comment icon #7 Posted by oldrover 6 years ago
They'd be like birds though, with a more efficient uni flow respiration system.† I'd definitely stay in the rocks.†
Comment icon #8 Posted by khol 6 years ago
I think I remember reading a full grown T Rex weighs in at around 9 tons is that correct?..if thats the case they wont be doing any jumping†any time soon!†
Comment icon #9 Posted by Sameerr 6 years ago
lol...well,tyrannosaurids have small arms.They are all about bite.
Comment icon #10 Posted by third_eye 6 years ago
My favorite theory about T's arms ... they used to have long and big arms ... then they started to get in the way of the jaws during feeding frenzies ... so they evolved with arms that did not get in the way ... ~ ka chink ~ † ~
Comment icon #11 Posted by Ryu 6 years ago
I was under the impression that the T-Rex was more of a scavenger like today's hyenas than a hunter, I am thinking they were sort of the clean-up crew in those times however I am sure they wouldn't turn down a chance to make a dashing lunge at easy prey though. Perhaps the T-Rex did run too for short periods of time but, like a cheetah, if it is clear they are too far away from their target they will give up. There are many speculations to be studied, that is why I think science can be so amazing. Look at the possibilities then research the most likely avenues.

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