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Erich Von Daniken predicts 'ET will return'

By T.K. Randall
November 7, 2016 · Comment icon 206 comments

Were ancient civilizations influenced by alien visitors ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Jerzy Strzelecki
The controversial author of 'Chariots of the Gods' predicts that aliens will return within 20 years.
Published in 1968, the book is one of several by Von Daniken exploring the idea that early human culture was significantly influenced by intelligent extraterrestrials visiting the Earth.

While his work has been generally condemned as 'psuedoscience' by most academics, his books continue to maintain quite a following among those who subscribe to the 'ancient aliens' theory.

Von Daniken himself appeared recently at an event in London dubbed 'Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night' in celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of his book 'Chariots of the Gods'.
He was awarded the Stella Citizen Award by Giorgio A, Tsoukalos of 'Ancient Aliens' fame.

During the event, Von Daniken gave a two hour presentation detailing his view that thousands of years ago there was a 'war in heaven' and that ET could return within the next two decades.

"The ET's know about us because we are part of their DNA," he told the audience. "The Bible speaks of the daughters of men having intercourse with these visitors, and many worldwide myths and legends repeat the same story. These stories always say the ET's will return to us."

A Robert Perala interview with Von Daniken discussing similar themes can be viewed below.

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (206)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #197 Posted by Merc14 7 years ago
Well you've offered nothing to back your outrageous claims!  No photos, no videos, no explanation of your vast research.  NOTHING.  Your credibility is about zero son.   We see a lot of BS artists here but you are really bad at the game, probably the worst I have ever seen as you offer nothing, just a complete collapse.  
Comment icon #198 Posted by Golden Duck 7 years ago
To be sure, you don't know how many readers are of Irish heritage. If your purporting to ne forthright - you're not. If you're saying you're stubborn - congratulations. 
Comment icon #199 Posted by Frank Merton 7 years ago
Photos and videos are so easy to alter, and one can find a link that supports anything.  Those who have made important discoveries need to get them published in respected peer-reviewed journals. The persecution complex you seem to demonstrate is kinda typical of the less credible among us.
Comment icon #200 Posted by Golden Duck 7 years ago
Couldn't tie Zoser's anti-gravitational boots...lol
Comment icon #201 Posted by ShadowSot 7 years ago
What method do you have for telling the fake videos and photos and links and such from hoax and truth?   What makes this method reliable, can you demonstrate it.
Comment icon #202 Posted by ShadowSot 7 years ago
Not to mention the times airline pilots have mistaken stars or planets as oncoming crafts or UFOs. 
Comment icon #203 Posted by stereologist 7 years ago
You bluffed. I called your bluff. You folded. Sometimes it works out like that.
Comment icon #204 Posted by Merc14 7 years ago
LOL.   Man he was off the wall.  I remember he saw a flying saucer when a MIG-29 in an air show got really close to crashing and blew dust up as his afterburners passed within feet of the ground.    Even zoser tried though, as sad as it was, this guy doesn't even do that.   I think the quality of our cranks has diminished exponentially.  Personally, I blame the education system.    
Comment icon #205 Posted by badeskov 7 years ago
More often than not it turns out like that. William is just one of many passer throughs here at UM peddling this kind of nonsense and turning tail when they realize they are up against real facts.  Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #206 Posted by badeskov 7 years ago
The cranks have indeed increased. When I first joined there were some really good discussions going on, with opponents that actually had a desire to defend what they believe in. Not so much anymore, sadly.  Cheers, Badeskov 

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