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'Fish rain' falls over school in California

By T.K. Randall
May 20, 2017 · Comment icon 8 comments

The fish appeared to have fallen from the sky. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Thomas Leuthard
Pupils and staff at Stanford Avenue Elementary were left perplexed by a bout of very strange weather.
The peculiar deluge, which occurred on Tuesday at around noon, was discovered after pupils emerged from the school to find dozens of small fish lying all over the playground.

"We came out here and all the sudden the kids start yelling really loud, 'look at this'," said campus supervisor Liz Barber-Gabriel. "The kids were so excited, we wanted to figure out where they came from. We couldn't - they were in the playground, in the rubber, everywhere."

"They were small, and same color, and it looked like about 60 minimum, everywhere."

The possibility of a prank was discounted after more of the fish were found up on the rooftops.

While it remains unclear exactly how the fish ended up being deposited on the school, it is possible that a water spout sucked them up from the sea and carried them inland.

According to meteorologist Kris Kuyper however, no such weather event had occurred that day.

Source: AOL News | Comments (8)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by freetoroam 6 years ago
I have read about this before †and tornadoes do happen around those parts:† † Yes. Although rare, there are numerous instances of fish falling down from the skies. Of course, the fish do not really "rain" in the sense of condensing out of water vapor. The fish that fall from the sky are just fish that used to be in the sea. So what puts the fish up in the sky in the first place? Although few detailed scientific observations have been performed on this phenomenon, the common consensus is that tornadoes are the culprit. [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by strunk64 6 years ago
I saw it rain frogs when I was little. Well, mostly tadpoles, but some had started to grow legs. They were small. It was in Virginia and it was a hell of a thunderstorm. I guess the weather does strange things sometimes. (edit) We were driving in the mountains when it happened. They were plopping on the windshield.
Comment icon #3 Posted by back to earth 6 years ago
Yet I cant even seem to catch ONE †for my dinner ! † † ††
Comment icon #4 Posted by Hammerclaw 6 years ago
There's a Fortean Society website dedicated to these sorts of anomalies.
Comment icon #5 Posted by back to earth 6 years ago
Like this one in Sydney a little while ago ...... welcome to the famous †Bondi Beach , where the golden sands ..... † what the hell !† † † Surf nerf .
Comment icon #6 Posted by Goodf3llow 6 years ago
It happens up there from time to time.. †† " In addition to rocks falling from Chico's skies, on Sept 2, 1878, the New York Times said the Chico Record had reported that a great number of small fishes fell from†a cloudless sky, covering a store and several acres." -New York Times
Comment icon #7 Posted by Future ghost 6 years ago
I'm surprised nobody saw this happening. Does the school not have any windows?
Comment icon #8 Posted by White Unicorn 6 years ago
I was about 6 when I was playing the rain. I saw lots of little toads and some tadpoles come down and hit the grass from what looked like a cloud closer to the ground. I ran in to tell my dad, because I never heard about things like that. Is that where raining cats and dogs came from? Wow, I thought it might be literally true with dogs and cats!† My father came out and explained it as a whirlwind going on a nearby swamp and dropping them here. He told me tornados did it with large objects but there were also smaller whirlwinds that could do it in times of stormy weather. He said, no he never h... [More]

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