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'Alien warehouse' Hangar 18 - does it exist ?

By T.K. Randall
January 20, 2020 · Comment icon 21 comments

is there really a Hangar 18 and if so, what's inside ? Image Credit: YouTube / Northrop Grumman
Rumors about a secretive hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have been circulating for decades.
When it comes to secretive government facilities housing evidence of extraterrestrial visitation, there is nowhere more synonymous with the concept than Nevada's infamous Area 51.

But there is another such place rumored to house captured alien technology - Hangar 18 - which is said to have been situated at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base since the 1940s.

Most famously, this otherwise unassuming building was said to have been used to house some of the debris recovered from the site of the alleged flying saucer crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

It's an idea backed up by former military pilots such as Oliver Henderson - who claimed to have flown debris and even alien bodes to the base - and Marion 'Black Mac' Magruder - whose father reportedly maintained that he had seen an actual live extraterrestrial entity at the base.
"It was a shameful thing that the military destroyed this creature by conducting tests on it," he said.

In the 1960s, presidential nominee Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona was so fascinated by what might lie within Hangar 18 that he tried to get permission to enter but was ultimately denied access.

In 1974, Robert Spencer Carr - a UFO researcher - claimed to have been told by a high-ranking military source that the infamous hangar contained "two flying saucers of unknown origin" as well as the bodies of 12 extraterrestrial beings upon which autopsies had been carried out.

Officials at the base itself however have always denied such reports.

"Periodically, it is erroneously stated that the remains of extraterrestrial visitors are or have been stored at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base," the US Air Force previously said in a statement.

"There are not now, nor have there ever been, any extraterrestrial visitors or equipment on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #12 Posted by Calibeliever 3 years ago
Comment icon #13 Posted by King_Kool_III 3 years ago
WPAFB contains among many other departments theNational Air and Space Intelligence Center:The DoD's primary source for foreign air and space threats. NASIC creates integrated, predictive intelligence in the air, space, and cyberspace domains enabling military operations, force modernization, and policymaking. Any foreign technology recovered will be sent here, just as it was in the 1940's. I have been told by more than one base employeethat there is an inner room there occupied by old-timers who have cosmic clearance and you are not allowed to speak to them.
Comment icon #14 Posted by RoofGardener 3 years ago
Well, I'm sure that Hangar 18 DOES exist, otherwise there would be a gap between warehouses 17 and 19. Weeds would start growing. It would look untidy and unsightly. Whether there is anything exotic inside it is another matter entirely. It's probably just full of old bicycles or army surplus raincoats or something.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Dumbledore the Awesome 3 years ago
Probably each of which is valued at $30,000, in the way that Defense Department budgets usually tend to
Comment icon #16 Posted by Dumbledore the Awesome 3 years ago
Anyway, I think thatHangar 10 is more interesting.
Comment icon #17 Posted by Myles 3 years ago
I have been there. Very cool place. Unfortunately linking the History Channel doesn't help the story. They tend to make stuff up.
Comment icon #18 Posted by STAR LORD 3 years ago
A more mysterious place to find said objects is here in Idaho. Faroget park outside Atholenuclear stuff man. Faroget park outside Athole nuclear site [More]
Comment icon #19 Posted by Calibeliever 3 years ago
Ooooh, how furious do those f**ckers make me sometimes!? And why does that bleeping narrator have to repeat everything in the form a question? I just want to throttle him,I swear. I can't watch the alien stuff any more, it's just too exhausting, but Curse of Oak Island is kinda fun.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Myles 3 years ago
Could it be that Oak Island is the work of Ancient Aliens?
Comment icon #21 Posted by Scholar4Truth 3 years ago
I knew Megadeath had a song about this, cause I was listening to it the other day. But of course he is talking about secret banks and government, but UFO's would tie into it.

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