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Family hears music, voices coming from walls

By T.K. Randall
February 24, 2020 · Comment icon 12 comments

The sounds have kept the family up at night. Image Credit: Javier Zubiri /
An Illinois family has been plagued by what sound like radio broadcasts coming from their walls at night.
The phenomenon, which has been occurring on and off for the last six years, has left the family desperate for answers and even local authorities have been unable to fully explain it.

The anomalous sounds manifest seemingly randomly from the walls of the house despite the complete absence of speakers or any other audio equipment.

Richard Smith, who lives at the house with his family, had previously called the police to report the problem. When an officer attended the scene, he also claimed to hear "voices and music."

He also heard what seemed to be a commercial from Christian radio station AM 1160, suggesting that the mystery audio was in fact a transmission from a nearby group of radio towers.
Keen to solve the enigma, the station actually sent out an engineer to investigate.

"I got to be honest with you," he told Smith. "I don't know what is acting as a speaker. There is nothing I can explain of why you're actually hearing it."

It is believed that metal in the building's structure may be responsible, but even tearing up one of the walls and conducting tests on the cabling failed to offer up a solution.

"Sometimes when we think we've arrived at a solution, the next season comes around, and it's back," said Smith.

The search for answers continues.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by freetoroam 4 years ago
It seems to have an explanation, all they got to do is get an engineer out. I hope they do not think it is actually christ or some god thing, that would be ridiculous, given there is an explanation.
Comment icon #4 Posted by acute 4 years ago
Let's get the read-out from the Propermeter, shall we? Paranormal:  0% Electromagnetic source:  100%
Comment icon #5 Posted by moonman 4 years ago
I hear church organ music in my basement on summer weekends on occasion - best I can figure is it's coming through the ground or pipes from a church with a giant pipe organ that is three blocks away.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Chaldon 4 years ago
Once I've been on a restricted field where a giant AM radio antenna is located. It was the time when low-freqency AM radio was still transmitted in Russia. When I came by one of the big metal tensioner blocks at the base of the antenna spreaders, I've heard radio transmissions coming out of it and of the spreader cable itself, loud and clear. So it's absolutely possible to get AM radio transmissions without any radio amplifier, you just have to be close to the antenna and have something which could resonate exactly to the radio frequency.
Comment icon #7 Posted by TrikeTrash 4 years ago
Google crystal radio, quite interesting reading...
Comment icon #8 Posted by Dustyrose33 4 years ago
    Sounds as though they are picking up a radio or tv air wave transmission from somewhere.   There must be a tower near them that the house is in line with.   One of the policemen said he heard a commercial from the Christian radio station so that must be it.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Desertrat56 4 years ago
Maybe someone has put a transmitter in the childs wall.  There is equipment to detect that as an elimination.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Mantis914 4 years ago
I heard a similar thing in an abandoned hotel (no running water nor electricity) that was owned by my place of employment once many years back.  I could even make out the song as it was a disco rhythm and we (a colleague and I) decided to look for the radio that we figured some kid probably left behind as the main reason we were there was to secure the building from kids that kept breaking in to do drugs and such.   We looked everywhere to no avail, as a matter of fact, we couldn't really even pinpoint where the music was coming from and we even picked up a window thinking it may have been... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by razman 4 years ago
Maybe He lives in an apartment complex. LOL
Comment icon #12 Posted by Therealbigdave72 4 years ago
The house I live in picks up a country station it's just a combination of metal and wires coming together just right you can make a crude radio from wire and a razor blade

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