Sunday, May 16, 2021
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'Woman in white' appears on building site CCTV

Posted on Friday, 28 August, 2020 | Comment icon 46 comments

Is this image too good to be true ? Image Credit: Twitter / @_meglittle
A ghostly figure was recently picked up on CCTV camera at a building site in the early hours of the morning.
The alleged apparition, which looked like a young woman wearing a flowing white dress while holding something in her hand, was first brought to light by Meg Little of Leicester, England whose father happened to work at the Birmingham building site where the sighting occurred.

"So my dad's building site in Birmingham has a CCTV camera alert which flashes when there's movement, and this morning it took this photo," she wrote.

"10 mins later security went to check and found NOTHING."

Adam Lees, managing director of Limitless Security, later expanded on the incident.

"We provide security for the building site on Sherborne Street, in Birmingham city center," he told the Birmingham Mail. "In the early hours of Tuesday we had an alert to say a motion-sensored camera had picked up movement on the site."
"The images come through to my laptop, so I checked and saw that picture. I notified security on site straightaway who did a full patrol but found nothing. It's incredibly strange."

"I have no idea what it could have been, but I didn't sleep the rest of the night."

So could this be evidence of a paranormal visitor or could there be a conventional explanation ?

You decide.

Source: Birmingham Mail | Comments (46)

Tags: Ghost

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #37 Posted by papageorge1 on 29 August, 2020, 15:32
I must challenge the Eric meter. It throws out one possible theory and gives it 100%. I won't be relying on that meter for
Comment icon #38 Posted by spartan max2 on 29 August, 2020, 15:45
I don't think there is a video. The article said it's some security camera that takes a picture when movement is detected. So it would just be pictures.
Comment icon #39 Posted by TomBarnes on 29 August, 2020, 20:03
Well...I am certainly no expert on the paranormal but frankly it is pretty clear to me that this is a bridesmaid holding a bouquet of flowers. I do not think it is a bride because she is missing the veil over her face. Had there been at one time a church or chapel on this site?
Comment icon #40 Posted by ThereWeAreThen on 29 August, 2020, 21:29
And yet its still more accurate than yours. 
Comment icon #41 Posted by docyabut2 on 31 August, 2020, 0:27
  like that movie it was the most spooky, funny and solving a case.
Comment icon #42 Posted by the13bats on 1 September, 2020, 9:03
Its mind bottling Is it blissful to be so utterly oblivious that absolute proof still wouldnt sway ones delusions,  
Comment icon #43 Posted by qxcontinuum on 18 September, 2020, 3:25
You're all funny... Its called 3d projector. It cost very little and works well. Just saw a demo. Google it
Comment icon #44 Posted by the13bats on 18 September, 2020, 23:58
Red dress, out late, hum.
Comment icon #45 Posted by docyabut2 on 19 September, 2020, 0:16
to me these are that all of those affects are recorded , that are a flash backs . You know of  movies  and videos you can rewind ")
Comment icon #46 Posted by ChrLzs on 21 September, 2020, 0:11
Stiff's post is absolutely on the mark, and thanks to bats for inviting me over.. The profile matches perfectly, and it is in the nature of IR/night vision that it will render colours completely differently in terms of the greyscale result - reds and heat sources will mostly go bright grey thru white...  So, the lady in the falsely-white dress was in exactly the right place at the same time, in the same pose.  She is the same lady, and there is nothing extra-ordinary in that shot...... I've seen fancily dressed folks in much stranger locations.  Grunge weddings, anyone?  I've photographed brid... [More]

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