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Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Two-headed snake discovered in a Florida home

October 23, 2020 | Comment icon 1 comment

Image Credit: Facebook / FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
State wildlife officials have revealed the discovery of a rare snake with two heads at a woman's house.
The unusual reptile - a southern black racer - was found by Kay Rogers and her family in Palm Harbor after her cat caught the animal outside and brought it into the house.

"My daughter sent me a message: 'Mom, [the cat] brought in a snake and it has two heads'," Kay told a local news outlet. "I think this tops it, but she's an adventurous cat, for sure."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is now looking after the snake.

"A rare two-headed southern black racer was recently found at a residence in Palm Harbor by Kay Rogers and family," the institute wrote on Facebook.
"This phenomenon, termed bicephaly, is uncommon but happens during embryo development when two monozygotic twins failed to separate, leaving the heads conjoined onto a single body."

"Both head's tongue flick and react to movement, but not always in the same way."

"Two-headed snakes are unlikely to survive in the wild as the two brains make different decisions that inhibit the ability to feed or escape from predators."

"The snake is currently being cared-for and monitored by FWC staff."

Source: USA Today | Comments (1)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by acute 1 year ago
Surely, they're not gonna leave the snake like that!  Can't they split it down the middle, and feed the separated twins smaller meals?

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