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Report dismisses Havana Syndrome theories

By T.K. Randall
October 2, 2021 · Comment icon 5 comments

Is Havana Syndrome really the result of directed-energy attacks ? Image Credit: US Navy / Tucker M. Yates
A declassified report seems to dismiss the idea that Havana Syndrome is caused by microwave weapons.
The State Department report, which was written by the US government's JASON advisory group, was completed back in 2018 - more than a year after the original spate of 'attacks' that left US diplomats suffering from a range of mysterious symptoms in Cuba.

Oddly enough, the report seems to completely dismiss the idea that the unexplained buzzing noises and neurological injuries sustained by the victims was caused by some form of ultrasound or microwave weapon being operated by a foreign power.

Instead, while not entirely ruling out the possibility, the report's authors suggested that the most likely explanation was that the symptoms were psychological in nature and that the buzzing noises heard at the time of the 'attacks' was in fact the call of an insect native to the region.

"No plausible single source of energy (neither radio/microwaves nor sonic) can produce both the recorded audio/video signals and the reported medical effects," the report concluded.
"We believe the recorded sounds are mechanical or biological in origin, rather than electronic. The most likely source is the Indies short-tailed cricket."

The declassified document was obtained by Buzzfeed following a Freedom of Information Act request.

While the conclusions reached are certainly interesting, what the authors of the report didn't know back in 2018 was that the symptoms - now known as Havana Syndrome - would continue to be reported by US personnel in multiple countries.

This makes crickets an extremely unlikely explanation for the buzzing sounds described.

Source: Buzzfeed News | Comments (5)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Green Lion 3 years ago
As it says in the Art of Warfare, "A people can lose their spirit, but a leader can lose his mind." It also tells that psychological attacks on a leader is effective to lessen their calculative abilities.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Nnicolette 3 years ago
Crickets? That was the explanation?  if we are sending diplomats that cant tell the difference between a weird frequency making them sick... And a cricket chirp... We are in even more trouble than i thought.
Comment icon #3 Posted by bison 3 years ago
Not all the theories were dismissed. The psychological one hasn't been very popular, but this Jason Group study, the most rigorous, to date, deems it the most likely explanation. Conversion Reaction in a group, previously called 'mass hysteria', is , after all, a well known phenomenon.  If cricket sounds were mistaken for something technological, perhaps the specific cricket sounds in the areas concerned weren't familiar to Americans. Or maybe conditions were such that they gave an unusual timbre to the sounds. More curious, and less 'business-like' persons might have investigated on their ... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by mesuma 3 years ago
In the 50s (i'm sure) there was a prolonged sonic attack on the US embassy in Russia.  The US knew about the attack but did nothing about it till it was actually proven that it was affecting the (and even killing) diplomats.  I highly doubt that if the same types of test were going on today that any truths would be readily available, report or not.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Green Lion 3 years ago
The Moscow Signal. A digitized NY Times article from 1979 about the incident. A paper documenting that physical symptoms were not too much, but that men reported more depression, aggravation, difficulties concentrating and memory loss. Women reported difficulties concentrating and memory loss. [More]

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