Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Bizarre footage shows snake escaping by doing cartwheels

By T.K. Randall
April 6, 2023 · Comment icon 7 comments

The snake has a unique trick up its sleeve. Image Credit: Evan S.H. Quah
For the first time, scientists have captured footage of a type of snake that can do cartwheels as an escape mechanism.
Over the years we've seen snakes that can do everything from swimming in the sea to unhinging their jaw to swallow large animals, but this latest discovery is nothing if not unique - a snake that can curl up and do actual cartwheels whenever it feels threatened by something.

Found in parts of Southeast Asia, the nocturnal dwarf reed snake ( or Pseudorabdion longiceps ) is seldom seen owing to its nighttime activities and is so small that it is also easy to miss in the dark.

For a while there had been anecdotal accounts of people seeing dwarf snakes cartwheeling away, but it wasn't confirmed until researchers conducting herpetological surveys in the area came across one of them and actually captured footage of this unique defense mechanism in action.
This intriguing feat is not only unique but also quick - with the snake covering 1.5 meters in 5 seconds.

"By cartwheeling down an incline, the snake was able to gain speed and rapidly cover more ground," the researchers wrote.

"The snake was captured and placed on a flat area along the side of the road where it repeated the cartwheeling behavior several times."

You can see the snake in action at 1:50 in the video below.

Source: CNN | Comments (7)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by joseraul 8 months ago
Whoah, awesome.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year 8 months ago
Hoop Snakes they're real...LOL
Comment icon #3 Posted by Jon the frog 8 months ago
Nice fella !
Comment icon #4 Posted by Cho Jinn 8 months ago
But where’s the evidence?
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nicolette 8 months ago
The video? Not going to say I want to see it happen though, because i definitely don't want that to happen near me!
Comment icon #6 Posted by MissJatti 8 months ago
Snake Olympics - Cartwheels lol
Comment icon #7 Posted by TripGun 8 months ago
Take it easy everybody, this is just how it rolls.

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