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You can now fly to space with Virgin Galactic... for $450,000

By T.K. Randall
July 14, 2023 · Comment icon 12 comments

Would you pay $450,000 to fly into space ? Image Credit: YouTube / Virgin Galactic
Anyone with a very large amount of cash to spare can now fly into space with Virgin Galactic from August of this year.
It's been a bumpy few years for Virgin Galactic, especially with the loss of its original SpaceShipTwo in October 2014 - an accident that not only claimed the life of a pilot, but also cast doubt on whether the company's lofty goal of launching tourists into space would ever happen at all.

More recently however things have been looking up, with the unveiling of the VSS Unity in 2016 and then - back in 2021 - a second space plane dubbed VSS Imagine.

Now at last, it seems that the company's perseverance has paid off as its first ever paying space tourists will be launching as early as August 10th of this year.
Virgin Galactic's approach to space tourism involves having a separate carrier aircraft lift its rocket plane to an altitude of almost 45,000 feet before releasing it.

Once free, its main engine will carry it and its crew up to 50 miles above the planet's surface.

While the whole idea of affordable space travel for the masses is certainly getting closer, don't pack your suitcase just yet as, right now, a ticket will cost you a whopping $450,000.

In other words, only the super rich need apply - at least for the time being.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (12)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by spartan max2 1 year ago
If I was rich I would want to do this. But after Ocean Gate I would really need to bet the company and not be in the first couple trips lol
Comment icon #4 Posted by joseraul 1 year ago
No thanks.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Montello 1 year ago
need milions$$$
Comment icon #6 Posted by Cho Jinn 1 year ago
Yeah, I’ll take my chances with OceanGate.
Comment icon #7 Posted by NCC1701 1 year ago
What can possibly go wrong?
Comment icon #8 Posted by PickledMonkey 1 year ago
Just to confirm, This is a round way trip this time?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Shadowsfall 1 year ago
Anyone know how long u are actually in space for ur half a million..
Comment icon #10 Posted by Nicolette 1 year ago
For 450k your suicide can be legendary. The submarine had what like a %14 success rate? For only twice the price you can get on a ship hat has never been to its destination.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf 1 year ago
Except it has, six times to date.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Nicolette 1 year ago
Nice so it is safer then a sub. Waspie can you get me a ticket with your cushy librarian job?

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