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Actress Goldie Hawn details her own personal encounter with aliens

By T.K. Randall
October 26, 2023 · Comment icon 11 comments
Actress Goldie Hawn giving a TED Talk.
Hawn pictured during a talk in 2008. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Erik Charlton
The 77-year-old described being 'touched' by an extraterrestrial and claimed that it 'felt like the finger of God'.
Hawn, who has starred in a number of popular movies over the years including Private Benjamin in 1980 and Death Becomes Her in 1992, recalled her otherworldly experience on Time To Walk - an audio stream available on Apple Watch devices through the company's fitness platform.

The encounter happened in California sometime in her 20s when there happened to be a lot of UFO sightings reported in the state.

"I went outside my door, and I sat on the little ledge, and I looked up at the dark sky," she said.

"And I saw all these stars. And all I could think of was... are we the only planet in the whole wide universe that has life on it?"

She also called out to any aliens that might be listening, stating: "I would like to meet you one day."
Around four months later, she had been preparing to take a nap in her friend's car when she suddenly become aware of an anomalous, high-pitched noise.

Next thing she knew, she was in the presence of three unknown entities with silver-colored skin, triangular-shaped heads, small noses, no ears and a small slit for a mouth.

"[They] were pointing at me... discussing me like I was a subject," she said.

After becoming paralyzed, she felt one of the beings reach out and touch her - an experience that she said "felt like the finger of God".

"It was the most benevolent, loving feeling," she added.

"This was powerful. It was filled with light."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by OverSword 6 months ago
Be very careful about insulting Jack Burtons woman     
Comment icon #3 Posted by ReadTheGreatControversyEGW 6 months ago
She was being prepped leading up to the encounter it sounds like...  Do you see how horrible and ugly she describes them? They look like monsters. These are coming out of underground labs. They are not aliens from outer space. It's super advanced science unknown to the populace prepping for the new world order deception. You gotta dig to find the info on this.  There is no light or love coming out of those cone shaped heads. Give it another second and that slit mouth gonna return to its natural sneer. There is a way for such creatures to make a person feel a certain way - light love or whate... [More]
Comment icon #4 Posted by lightly 6 months ago
   . .I wonder if it visited her publicist and banker at that same time. ?    
Comment icon #5 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 6 months ago
I should say so!  I've been digging, ain't no finding it for me. Keep us posted.  Say....I wonder if those monsters were created at Dulce. Any ideas, RTGC?
Comment icon #6 Posted by Ratbiter 6 months ago
Maybe her late 20's and it was ET touching her with his glowing finger. If she had said big eyes then it was ET No Silver skin but maybe in his spacesuit.
Comment icon #7 Posted by openozy 6 months ago
Goldie is cool, you aren't.
Comment icon #8 Posted by fred_mc 6 months ago
The aliens benevolent... hmmm, I'm not sure Goldie Hawn is the best judge of character, here she is cheering on, and dancing to, Putin, as he is singing:  
Comment icon #9 Posted by Amorlind 6 months ago
my my my...i think smoking was allowed in the car....
Comment icon #10 Posted by Antigonos 6 months ago
Obviously they were demonic coneheads. Duh. ”Sorcery or science-who knows”.  Keep cloaking yourself in that Middle Ages mentality. No wonder simple concepts like learning and knowledge confuse you. ”Give it another second and that slit mouth gonna return to its natural sneer”.  This is a telling insight into your thought processes. What is wrong with you? Seriously, it must be awful living your life in constant fear of imaginary boogeymen. You do know that your last two sentences describe the plot of the classic John Carpenter movie They Live right? Where’s Roddy Piper when you... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Stiff 6 months ago

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