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NASA's next two Artemis Moon missions have been delayed again

By T.K. Randall
January 14, 2024 · Comment icon 5 comments

The crew of Artemis II. Image Credit: NASA
We may have to wait a little bit longer than originally planned to witness the next human stepping foot on the lunar surface.
It's hard to believe that it has been over 50 years since humans last went to the Moon, but now thanks to NASA's Artemis program, it looks as though we won't have to wait too long for a return visit.

That said, the space agency announced last week that we will likely have to wait just a little bit longer.

Artemis I, which saw an unmanned spacecraft orbit the Moon, launched on November 16th, 2022, while Artemis II - essentially a crewed version of the same mission - had been set to launch later this year.

Artemis III, which will see the first humans land on the lunar surface since the Apollo program, had been planned for 2025.

Now according to NASA, both Artemis II and Artemis III have been pushed back another year, meaning that the earliest we are likely to see a crewed orbit of the Moon is September 2025.
Artemis III, meanwhile, likely won't happen until at least September 2026.

"As we remind everybody at every turn, safety is our top priority," said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

"To give Artemis teams more time to work through the challenges with first-time developments and integration, we're going to give (them) more time on Artemis II and III."

"We are adjusting our schedule to target Artemis II for September of 2025 and September of 2026 for Artemis III, which will send humans for the first time to the lunar south pole."

"Artemis IV remains on track for September 2028, and though challenges are clearly ahead, our teams are making incredible progress."

Source: AP News | Comments (5)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Hammerclaw 3 months ago
Not surprising. I lost faith in NASA when they put themselves in the position of having to bum rides off the Russians. 
Comment icon #2 Posted by Waspie_Dwarf 3 months ago
Except that's not what really happened. It wasn't NASA's decision to ground the space shuttle... that was the George W. Bush administration. It wasn't NASA's decision to shift access to low Earth orbit away from their own spacecraft (the Orion and the Ares I launch vehicle) and instead use the Commercial Crew Program... that was the Barack Obama administration. It wasn't NASA's decision to repeatedly provide less funding for the Commercial Crew Program than requested... that was Congress. It wasn't NASA that delivered the spacecraft for the Commercial Crew Program late, missing the 2017 deadli... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by Hammerclaw 3 months ago
Thank you for coming around to my point-of-view that our future in space should not be left in the hands of politicians. One would think NASA would have perfected heat shield technology, by now. Maybe that was Bill Clinton's fault?
Comment icon #4 Posted by Montello 3 months ago
we must wait 2026 oh nooo
Comment icon #5 Posted by Hammerclaw 3 months ago
Frankly I thought NASA was putting the cart before the horse when they went all gung-ho on using a variation of the yet to be realized SpaceX starship as their moon lander. SpaceX has a lot yet-to-be resolved technological issues to deal with before it can happen, such as achieving orbit, landing safely, perfecting orbital refueling. I don't see a Starship landing on the moon before the end the decade.

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