Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Natural World

Yellow penguin spotted in the South Atlantic

2-20-2021 | 6

An unusual penguin with some unique coloration has been photographed on a remote island near Antarctica.

Natural World

Scientists make surprise Antarctic life discovery

2-15-2021 | 5

A recent ice-boring operation has revealed the discovery of organisms living deep beneath the ice shelf.

Natural World

Is the coelacanth really a 'living fossil' ?

2-12-2021 | 7

New evidence has cast doubt on the idea that the coelacanth hasn't changed at all in millions of years.

Natural World

Eerie sounds recorded over Siberia's icy depths

 VIDEO  2-8-2021 | 12

One daring photographer recorded himself skating over thin ice - quite literally - on the surface of Lake Baikal.

Natural World

This 'pile of rope' is actually a live sea creature

2-6-2021 | 1

If you've ever come across a coil of colorful 'rope' along the shoreline, it might not be quite what it seems.

Natural World

Looking back at Darwin's 'abominable mystery'

1-24-2021 | 5

The famed naturalist was haunted by one evolutionary mystery that proved too difficult for even him to solve.

Natural World

Quarter of all bee species missing since 1990s

1-23-2021 | 3

A new study has revealed that 25% of all known bee species have not been seen in as much as 30 years.

Natural World

Manatee found with 'Trump' etched on its back

 VIDEO  1-12-2021 | 11

Wildlife officials are investigating after the animal was found with the outgoing president's name written on it.

Natural World

Conservationists spot unique 'dwarf' giraffes

 VIDEO  1-10-2021 | 2

For the first time ever, abnormally short 'dwarf' giraffes have been spotted in Uganda and Namibia.

Natural World

Enormous sea slug is the size of a small dog

 VIDEO  12-31-2020 | 7

Sliding around at the bottom of the sea off the coast of California is an aquatic giant like no other.

Natural World

Octopus is filmed punching a fish in the face

 VIDEO  12-26-2020 | 8

Octopuses and fish sometimes work together to find food, but this unlikely alliance doesn't always work out.

Natural World

Starlings blamed for mystery power outages

 VIDEO  12-18-2020 | 3

A spate of unexplained power outages in the remote Scottish village of Airth has finally been solved.

Natural World

Young ravens are as intelligent as adult apes

12-14-2020 | 12

Scientists have revealed that four-month-old ravens possess a remarkably high level of animal intelligence.

Natural World

Massive goldfish caught in South Carolina lake

12-9-2020 | 5

Wildlife officials in the state have discovered a truly gargantuan goldfish weighing in at over nine pounds.

Natural World

World's sole remaining white giraffe gets GPS

11-17-2020 | 4

The last living white giraffe on Earth has been equipped with a GPS tracker to help protect it from poachers.

Natural World

First ever footage of rare squid species revealed

11-2-2020 | 5

Researchers exploring the ocean off Australia have captured the ram's horn squid on film for the first time.

Natural World

Coral 'skyscraper' discovered off Australia

 VIDEO  10-27-2020 | 1

The remarkable 'detached' coral reef is the first of its kind to be discovered in more than 120 years.

Natural World

This beetle can survive being run over by a car

 VIDEO  10-25-2020 | 3

Scientists have discovered that one particularly hardy beetle has an almost indestructible exoskeleton.

Natural World

First 'murder hornet' nest found in the US

 VIDEO  10-24-2020 | 45

A nest of enormous invasive wasp-like insects has reportedly been discovered for the first time on US soil.

Natural World

Two-headed snake discovered in a Florida home

10-23-2020 | 2

State wildlife officials have revealed the discovery of a rare snake with two heads at a woman's house.

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