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Ancient Mysteries

Mystery surrounds London's 'Havering Hoard'

10-21-2019 | 8

An 'extraordinary' cache of Bronze Age weapons found in London has left experts scratching their heads.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient 'lost city' rediscovered in Cambodia

10-20-2019 | 2

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of the lost city of Mahendraparvata deep in the Cambodian jungle.

Ancient Mysteries

Lost 2,200-year-old temple discovered in Egypt

10-4-2019 | 0

Archaeologists have announced the discovery of an ancient temple linked to the pharaoh Ptolemy IV.

Ancient Mysteries

Machu Picchu was purposely built on fault lines

10-1-2019 | 2

New research has suggested that Machu Picchu's location on intersecting fault lines is no coincidence.

Ancient Mysteries

'iPhone case' unearthed in 'Russian Atlantis'

 VIDEO  9-14-2019 | 8

A belt buckle exhibiting a surprisingly familiar shape has been discovered at a dig site in southern Siberia.

Ancient Mysteries

Origin of Dead Sea Scrolls called into question

9-7-2019 | 5

A new study has revealed that one of the scrolls was prepared using salts not native to the Dead Sea region.

Ancient Mysteries

Six-headed burial perplexes archaeologists

9-5-2019 | 10

Two warrior skeletons unearthed in Scotland had been buried together in a coffin alongside four other skulls.

Ancient Mysteries

Misshapen 'alien-like' skulls found in Croatia

8-26-2019 | 163

Archaeologists have unearthed two skeletons with skulls exhibiting clear signs of artificial cranial deformation.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Himalayan 'skeleton lake'

8-21-2019 | 8

A shallow lake situated high up in the mountains of India is filled with skeletal remains dating back centuries.

Ancient Mysteries

Infant remains found in Laos' 'Plain of Jars'

8-13-2019 | 1

A recent excavation of an area containing 400 jars has revealed an unexpectedly high rate of child mortality.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient temple found in 'Egyptian Atlantis'

 VIDEO  8-5-2019 | 10

Archaeologists have made multiple discoveries within the submerged ruins of the Egyptian city of Heracleion.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery 500-year-old wreck found in the Baltic

 VIDEO  7-24-2019 | 4

The incredibly well-preserved wreck of a Renaissance vessel has been discovered on the ocean floor.

Ancient Mysteries

Egypt opens unusual 'bent' pyramid to visitors

7-14-2019 | 4

The 4,600-year-old structure is thought to mark the transition between smooth and step-sided pyramids.

Ancient Mysteries

Ruins of long-lost palace discovered in Iraq

7-7-2019 | 2

A recent period of drought has exposed 3,400-year-old ruins in the Mosul Dam reservoir in northern Iraq.

Ancient Mysteries

Controversial King Tut statue sells for $6M

7-5-2019 | 8

The ancient sculpture of King Tutankhamun went up for auction this week despite concerns over its legality.

Ancient Mysteries

Nazca bird geoglyphs depict 'exotic' species

6-22-2019 | 53

A new study has reignited the debate over the mysterious line drawings and why they were created.

Ancient Mysteries

Dracula's cannonballs unearthed in Bulgaria

6-8-2019 | 6

Medieval cannonballs used by the armies of Vlad the Impaler have been discovered in the town of Svishtov.

Ancient Mysteries

Collapse of Angkor Wat called in to question

6-4-2019 | 8

A growing body of evidence points to a more complex explanation for the abandonment of the historic site.

Ancient Mysteries

More mystery 'jars of the dead' found in Laos

5-18-2019 | 11

Archaeologists have unearthed an additional 137 large stone jars at megalithic sites in Southeast Asia.

Ancient Mysteries

UK's 'Tutankhamun' found behind supermarket

 VIDEO  5-9-2019 | 3

Archaeologists have revealed the identify of the prince found within one of the UK's most intriguing burials.

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