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Would you spend the night in the Paris Catacombs for $10M ?

By T.K. Randall
June 29, 2023 · Comment icon 45 comments

Dare you spend the night here ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Dale Cruse
The dark, bone-filled catacombs are more than a lot of people believe they can handle - even for millions of dollars.
For some, the offer of a $10 million prize in exchange for spending the night in the Catacombs of Paris might seem like a no-brainer - after all, there are many who would relish the opportunity to go down there and explore its labyrinthine tunnels - especially those with an interest in history, urban exploration or paranormal investigation.

When a debate broke out on Twitter recently, however, a surprising number of people insisted that there was no way they'd spend the night down there - not even for $10 million.

Before you decide whether you'd be among them, it's important to note exactly what awaits anyone brave enough to spend the night down in the Paris Catacombs.

Intended as a solution to the French capital's overflowing cemeteries problem, workers began ferrying corpses to the tunnels in the late 18th Century.
Today, it is believed that the skeletal remains of 6 million people are interred there.

These bones are not just buried in the ground, either - many of them form ornate, grim displays comprised of skulls and thigh bones arranged like some sort of hellish work of art.

Visitors are welcome to venture down there, if they are brave enough to do so.

So would you spend the night in the dark tunnels surrounded by 6 million dead ?

Source: IFL Science | Comments (45)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #36 Posted by Salmonskinroll 10 months ago
I’ll gladly do it for 5 if I get to carry at least 1 other person with me. Alone is a hard no. 
Comment icon #37 Posted by Abramelin 10 months ago
Thìs music:  
Comment icon #38 Posted by jmccr8 10 months ago
Well if they let me take some stuff down there like 4 folding chairs a folding table, a case of duct tape and a couple gallons of gorilla glue, lights, tunes, a deck of cards, couple bottles of rum and a deck of cards I would go for the night I would set up the table and chairs then glue and tape 3 skeletons together drinks some rum, smoke cigars and play some stiff hands of poker with the boys till sunrise.
Comment icon #39 Posted by MissJatti 10 months ago
Where do I sign up
Comment icon #40 Posted by Jon the frog 10 months ago
Wow, would accept it even without the 10mill if they pay the airplane tickets.
Comment icon #41 Posted by Maureen_jacobs 10 months ago
Yes, but not this week or next.
Comment icon #42 Posted by Dejarma 10 months ago
if this hypothetical challenge was put forward as $500/ $1000 then it would mean something. Unless it's aimed at those who believe in the paranormal BS then I guess it does mean something. Well, it would be a test to see if a staunch believer takes up the offer if it were real= even at $500/ $1000. test their conviction so to speak 
Comment icon #43 Posted by Plan IX 10 months ago
I'd live there for 10 million.
Comment icon #44 Posted by Roshman 10 months ago
I have lived opposite a cemetery. I would spend a night for less.
Comment icon #45 Posted by sanchez710 4 months ago
I'd do it for a million.

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