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Science & Technology

Does antimatter fall up ? Scientists now have the answer

9-28-2023 | 24

Physicists at CERN have conducted a major new experiment to find out whether antimatter falls up or down.

Science & Technology

CERN scientists make antimatter breakthrough

12-22-2016 | 52

A team at the CERN facility near Geneva, Switzerland have been experimenting with antihydrogen atoms.

Science & Technology

CERN runs new anti-gravity experiment

12-1-2013 | 2

Physicists at CERN are attempting to test whether or not antimatter has anti-gravitational properties.

Science & Technology

Is antimatter the key to anti-gravity ?

5-1-2013 | 30

Scientists at CERN are experimenting to determine if an antimatter object would actually fall upwards.

Science & Technology

Antimatter atoms trapped for first time

11-19-2010 | 12

Scientists have succeeded in trapping 38 antimatter atoms in place for a fraction of a second.

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