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Modern Mysteries

The case of the 1942 'ghost blimp' L-8 still remains a mystery 80 years on

11-20-2022 | 17

In August 1942, an airship disappeared, then reappeared again a few hours later with all of its crew missing.

The UFO Phenomenon

Blimp over New Jersey sparks UFO hysteria

9-16-2020 | 35

Hundreds took to social media on Monday night after a strange object appeared in the skies over New Jersey.

The UFO Phenomenon

Lake Norman UFO mystery has been solved

 VIDEO  8-16-2018 | 12

A cigar-shaped object filmed over North Carolina recently has turned out to be something rather mundane.

Space & Astronomy

NASA proposes a 'cloud city' above Venus

 VIDEO  12-21-2014 | 63

A future manned mission to Venus could see astronauts piloting blimps around the planet's atmosphere.

The UFO Phenomenon

The Battle of Los Angeles revisited

2-28-2009 | 35

The Battle of Los Angeles occured early on February 25th 1942 when a number of unidentified objects in the sky over the ...

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