Sunday, August 7, 2022
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Ancient Mysteries

Dracula's cannonballs unearthed in Bulgaria

6-8-2019 | 6

Medieval cannonballs used by the armies of Vlad the Impaler have been discovered in the town of Svishtov.

Ancient Mysteries

14th century ring used to poison drinks

8-26-2013 | 12

Archaeologists in Bulgaria have uncovered a ring once used as a way to secretly poison people's drinks.

The UFO Phenomenon

Bulgaria UFO video surfaces online

 VIDEO  8-12-2013 | 40

Footage of a strange glowing sphere-shaped object moving across the sky has appeared on YouTube.

Ancient Mysteries

Archaeologists find Bulgarian 'vampires'

6-6-2012 | 31

Two medieval skeletons with iron stakes through their chests have been discovered in Bulgaria.


Remains of St John the Baptist 'found'

8-4-2010 | 14

Bone fragments believed to belong to St John the Baptist have been discovered in Bulgaria.

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