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Many prehistoric cave paintings were made by children

3-17-2022 | 6

New research has suggested that the process of creating cave paintings may have been a family affair.


Cave art could depict cataclysmic events

11-28-2018 | 13

Early human cave paintings dating back thousands of years could depict more than just hunting scenes.


Neanderthals created oldest known cave art

2-23-2018 | 6

A new study has found that Neanderthals, not humans, created the world's oldest known cave paintings.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO and ET cave paintings found in India

7-18-2014 | 49

A number of unusual cave paintings dating back 10,000 years have been discovered in Chhattisgarh.

Archaeology & History

Ancient cave drawings discovered in Brazil

11-9-2013 | 6

Wildlife researchers came across the prehistoric rock-art while searching for white-lipped peccaries.


Did Neanderthals create first cave art ?

6-15-2012 | 4

New research has suggested that Neanderthals may have created cave paintings before modern humans.


Cave paintings dated back 42,000 years

2-9-2012 | 13

Early paintings of seals found in the Cave of Nerja in Spain are thought to be the oldest ever found.

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