Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Archaeology & History

Traces of 2,500-year-old chocolate found

8-4-2012 | 8

A plate found in the Yucatan peninsula appears to show traces of ancient chocolate residue.

World of the Bizarre

Chocolate boat sets sail in France

9-27-2010 | 12

A chocolatier in France has set sail in his newly built boat made entirely out of chocolate.

Science & Technology

An hour of sudoku can help you lose weight

11-26-2009 | 9

Mental agility expert Tim Forrester has claimed that an hour spent doing puzzles like sudoku or a crossword can burn up ...

Science & Technology

Scientists create chocolate inhaler

4-12-2009 | 22

Scientists have developed a revolutionary device allowing chocoholics to enjoy all the chocolate they desire while inges...

Nature & Environment

A world without chocolate ?

2-16-2009 | 30

Chocolate is one of the world's favourite treats, but scientists have indicated that climate change and other factors ma...

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