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Science & Technology

Doctor Who at 60: what qualities make the best companion ?

11-25-2023 | 7

Psychologist Sarita Robinson takes a look at what traits make someone a good fit for a trip in the TARDIS.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Doctor who studied 5,000 NDE cases is convinced that there is life after death

9-8-2023 | 99

Oncologist Jeffrey Long is about as qualified as anyone can be to claim that we continue on after the physical body dies.

World of the Bizarre

Patrolling Dalek orders people to self-isolate

 VIDEO  4-6-2020 | 5

One of Doctor Who's most iconic villains was filmed patrolling the streets ordering people to stay at home.


Doctor recalls 'visiting heaven' during NDE

2-17-2015 | 26

A doctor who almost drowned remembers interacting with spirits and being warned about her son's death.

The UFO Phenomenon

Dr Who link to UFO sighting rise

4-9-2009 | 5

Popular science fiction series Doctor Who has been credited with a rise in UFO sightings. Former MoD UFO researcher Nick...

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