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Doctor who studied 5,000 NDE cases is convinced that there is life after death

By T.K. Randall
September 8, 2023 · Comment icon 99 comments

Could there be life after death ? Image Credit: Pixabay / sciencefreak
Oncologist Jeffrey Long is about as qualified as anyone can be to claim that we continue on after the physical body dies.
Long, who gained a keen interest in the topic of life after death after reading an article on near-death experiences, was so intrigued by the subject that he ended up founding the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation in an effort to get to the bottom of the mystery once and for all.

Over the course of 37 years, he studied close to 5,000 NDE cases and eventually reached the conclusion that life does go on after the physical body dies.

"The bottom line is that [no conventional explanations for NDEs] hold water," he wrote in Insider Magazine. "There isn't even a remotely plausible physical explanation for this phenomenon."

"These experiences may sound cliche: the bright light, the tunnel, the loved ones."
"But over [several decades] of studying NDEs, I've come to believe that these descriptions have become cultural tropes because they're true."

In one case, he worked with a group of children under the age of 5 who all described the same type of near-death experiences as adults typically do.

In another, a woman who lost consciousness while riding her horse experienced herself traveling back to the farm with the horse, even though her body was lying stationary on the ground.

Afterward, she described what was happening on the farm, even though she hadn't actually been there at the time and couldn't have possibly known.

"In the face of overwhelming evidence, I've come to believe there's certainly an afterlife," said Long.

Source: Oddity Central | Comments (99)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #90 Posted by OverSword 7 months ago
You could very easily remedy that situation so you are obviously full of it. 
Comment icon #91 Posted by OverSword 7 months ago
That's true assuming you believe in the Tora (Old Testament) because God sends prophets.
Comment icon #92 Posted by Alchopwn 7 months ago
This isn't Doctor Who at all !  My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. 
Comment icon #93 Posted by Antigonos 7 months ago
Same here. I was looking for Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado. 
Comment icon #94 Posted by OverSword 7 months ago
Sorry, I copy and pasted the headline from the source 
Comment icon #95 Posted by quiXilver 7 months ago
We think alike my friend.  When I first clicked on the link I thought it was a reference to the Lore from the show.
Comment icon #96 Posted by razman 7 months ago
Here is an article talking about brain scans of cardiac arrest patients and how Dr Parnia is saying that though originally they thought after 10 minutes the brain is dead of any conscious activity , but now it could be a lot longer . Then ,(i'm not exactly sure why they would say this ) , it goes on to say  , ====   The researchers say their study confirms these experiences are distinct from dreams, hallucinations, delusions or CPR-induced consciousness. ==== And , =====    The study's authors say that more research is needed, but they hypothesized that the "flatlined" brain, as it's dyin... [More]
Comment icon #97 Posted by L.A.T.1961 7 months ago
Some of these accounts look like a method for the body to go into automatic suspended animation.  Maybe studies on this might turn up something very useful and completely unexpected? 
Comment icon #98 Posted by OverSword 7 months ago
As far as reincarnation goes there are some really great examples of children that have past life memories that can be verified and are very hard to explain without reincarnation being real.  We've all seen videos of children that know things they should not know relating to past existences.  I know there are alternate explanations/hypothesis but often they seem a bit weak compared to just accepting that this person may have lived a previous life IMO.
Comment icon #99 Posted by jmccr8 6 months ago
Hi Chaldon Personally I find the whole eternal life thing pointless for me. I don't think it is a belief that it doesn't exist, I just don't care as there is nothing to base a belief on either way so prefer to just live the life I know I have.

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