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World of the Bizarre

Driverless car is pulled over by police, then does a runner

 VIDEO  4-11-2022 | 9

Police in San Francisco recently pulled over a vehicle only to find that there was nobody in the driving seat.

Science & Technology

Google's driverless car is stopped by police

11-13-2015 | 34

One of Google's new autonomous vehicles was pulled over by the police in California for driving too slow.

Science & Technology

'Robocabs' could replace taxis by 2030

7-8-2015 | 7

Autonomous taxi cabs could replace conventional taxis on the nation's roads within as little as 15 years.

Science & Technology

How safe can a driverless car actually be ?

1-19-2015 | 27

Researchers have warned that driverless cars may never be safer on the road than a human driver.

Science & Technology

Google developing driverless cars

2-18-2012 | 17

Google is looking towards a future where cars can run us about without even needing a driver.

Science & Technology

Driverless car takes on high-speed rally

11-4-2009 | 6

A group of students at Standford University are putting together a car that can run itself without needing a driver, the...

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