Monday, March 20, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

These weird sand dunes on Mars are 'almost perfectly circular'

3-15-2023 | 9

Scientists have been left scratching their heads over images of a peculiar phenomenon on the surface of Mars.

Science & Technology

New type of aurora borealis discovered

1-29-2020 | 1

A group of amateur stargazers has identified an entirely new form of aurora that looks a bit like sand dunes.

Space & Astronomy

Dunes of frozen methane discovered on Pluto

6-1-2018 | 7

The enigmatic dwarf planet is home to a 'riot of processes' that continue to surprise researchers.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity reveals giant sand dunes on Mars

 VIDEO  1-16-2016 | 4

NASA's Curiosity rover has photographed a huge wall of sand on the edge of the Martian desert.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery of Titan's sand dunes solved

12-10-2014 | 7

Scientists have determined how huge sand dunes up to 300ft high managed to form on the Saturnian moon.

Science & Technology

Mystery of the singing sand dunes

 VIDEO  11-3-2012 | 15

Three scientists believe they've determined why some sand dunes produce a strange humming sound.

Space & Astronomy

Martian sand dunes caught in motion

11-20-2011 | 2

NASA has captured images showing sand dunes on Mars shifting over the course of several years.

Space & Astronomy

NASA photographs "trees" on Mars

1-14-2010 | 80

These tree-like shapes aren't actually trees at all but sand dunes coated in a thin layer of frozen carbon dioxide.

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