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Pterosaur fossil found with preserved egg

1-21-2011 | 23

An ancient female pterosaur fossil has been found in China alongside one of its own eggs.


Predatory dinosaurs became vegetarians

1-17-2011 | 32

New research suggests two-legged predatory dinosaurs would have ended up only eating plants.

World of the Bizarre

Man falls from sky, police draw a blank

9-18-2010 | 62

Several people in the Egg Harbor Township of New Jersey have reported seeing a man fall from the sky.

Nature & Environment

Lizards demonstrate evolution in action

9-9-2010 | 2

A variety of skink has gone from laying eggs to live births giving scientists a unique glimpse of change in action.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bright-blue, 7-legged spider photographed

8-31-2010 | 46

A photograph of a peculiar bright-blue spider with only seven legs has been taken by Mary Howard.

Nature & Environment

Last surviving Dodo egg could be tested

8-29-2010 | 7

The last known surviving egg of the extinct dodo could be sent away for DNA testing to confirm its prevalence.

World of the Bizarre

Two-legged lamb saved from the chop

8-10-2010 | 25

A lamb born with only two legs in China has been spared after the farmer was inspired by its will to survive.

Nature & Environment

Five-legged toad discovered

7-8-2010 | 0

A peculiar toad with five legs has been discovered by a dog walker on a nature reserve.

World of the Bizarre

The bizarre banana-shaped egg

6-25-2010 | 6

A bizarre egg has been laid in the Anhui province of China that is shaped like a banana.


'Gigantic' scorpion fossil found in Fife

4-21-2010 | 10

Tracks preserved in sandstone made by a giant prehistoric six-legged sea scorpion have been found in Fife.

Science & Technology

DNA swap could eliminate inherited diseases

4-16-2010 | 11

A pioneering new fertility technique involving DNA being swapped between eggs could elimintate several conditions.

Nature & Environment

Nine-legged octopus found in Florida

4-6-2010 | 27

In an unusual find the head chef of a Florida restaurant discovered a nine-legged octopus in a seafood shipment.


DNA extracted from extinct bird eggshells

3-13-2010 |

For the first time scientists have succeeded in extracting DNA from the eggshells of extinct birds.

World of the Bizarre

Hen lays giant egg six times normal size

2-25-2010 | 24

In a peculiar story this week a hen has laid an egg six times heavier than normal weighing some 4.2 ounces.

Metaphysics & Psychology

What really scares people

10-25-2009 | 26

Most of us have an extreme fear or phobia of something, whether it be the sight of a certain eight-legged arachnid or th...

Nature & Environment

'Veggie' spider shuns meat diet

10-13-2009 | 4

A remarkable type of spider has been found in Central America that feeds almost exclusively on plants, it is the first i...

World of the Bizarre

Hovis bakes 3,300lb bread and butter pudding

10-4-2009 | 2

Hovis have entered the record books by baking a bread and butter pudding so large that it weighs more than two baby elep...


Dinosaur eggs are found in India

10-3-2009 | 1

Geologists in India have discovered literally hundreds of dinosaur egg clusters dating back 65 million years. Scientists...

World of the Bizarre

Farmer finds egg inside another egg

9-1-2009 | 13

A farmer in England was cracking open a boiled egg for breakfast when he discovered another perfectly formed egg inside ...

Nature & Environment

Almost extinct tortoise mates aged 90

7-23-2009 | 7

One of the last remaining Galapagos giant tortoises left in the world has delighted conservationalists when a number of ...

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