Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Science & Technology

Scientists achieve nuclear fusion net energy gain for second time

8-7-2023 | 6

The achievement represents another step toward unlimited clean energy that could revolutionize the world.


Why did Isaac Newton believe that the world would end in 2060 ?

5-22-2023 | 15

The celebrated physicist revolutionized our understanding of gravity, but he also had a few more 'out there' ideas.

Science & Technology

How and why did we evolve the ability to use our imagination ?

2-26-2023 | 6

Neuroscientist Andrey Vyshedskiy takes a look at the evolutionary history of our ability to imagine things.

Science & Technology

8 billion people: how evolution has made our species so successful

11-20-2022 | 9

Humans have dominated the planet in a way no other life form has ever done - but for how long is this sustainable ?

Science & Technology

How will humans change over the next 10,000 years ?

3-5-2022 | 9

How likely is it that we will evolve into a more advanced species than we are at present ?

Space & Astronomy

Could iron be the key to finding alien life on other worlds ?

12-8-2021 | 2

Scientists have highlighted the key role that iron has played in the evolution of life on Earth.

The UFO Phenomenon

New US legislation could revolutionize study of UFOs

11-10-2021 | 0

Congress is preparing to debate a historic amendment that could transform the US government's approach to UFOs.

Nature & Environment

Killer pigeons and dog-sized mantises could be in Earth's future

11-1-2021 | 5

Biologists have been imagining what evolution may bring one million years from now.

Archaeology & History

Ancient deep-sea creature is covered in teeth

6-18-2021 | 0

A bizarre deep-sea species of brittle star is the sole survivor of 180 million years of time and evolution.

Nature & Environment

Looking back at Darwin's 'abominable mystery'

1-24-2021 | 4

The famed naturalist was haunted by one evolutionary mystery that proved too difficult for even him to solve.


Terrestrial relative of pterosaurs discovered

12-15-2020 | 1

Palaeontologists have shed new light on the evolutionary history of these abundant prehistoric flying reptiles.

Science & Technology

Neuralink chip to offer 'superhuman hearing'

8-6-2020 | 5

Elon Musk's potentially revolutionary brain-computer interface chip is nothing if not ambitious.


Bizarre prehistoric 'crazy beast' revealed

 VIDEO  5-1-2020 | 4

A strange mammal that lived in Madagascar has been described as 'one of evolution's abandoned experiments'.

Science & Technology

Elon Musk teases 'awesome' Neuralink update

2-10-2020 | 7

The billionnaire tech magnate is working on developing a revolutionary new type of brain-computer interface.

Space & Astronomy

Gargantuan black hole LB-1 'should not exist'

11-28-2019 | 6

Scientists have discovered a black hole in our own galaxy that could rewrite the book on stellar evolution.

Science & Technology

The future: 'earthscrapers' and Quidditch ?

8-30-2019 | 5

Samsung has published its list of the new technologies that could revolutionize our lives in the next 50 years.

Science & Technology

Puppy dog eyes are an evolutionary trait

6-18-2019 | 11

Scientists have discovered that dogs have evolved eye muscles to help make them more appealing to humans.

Space & Astronomy

Humans on Mars could become a new species

5-22-2019 | 16

An evolutionary biologist has outlined what is likely to happen when people start living full-time on Mars.

Science & Technology

Scientists launch hunt for mystery 'dark force'

9-3-2018 | 9

The ambitious search for a fifth force of nature could revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos.

Science & Technology

New technique could see humans live to 150

9-2-2018 | 11

A revolutionary new regenerative treatment that can extend human life could begin clinical trials by 2020.

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