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Science & Technology

Stem cell breakthrough brings de-extinction one step closer

3-7-2024 | 21

Scientists have achieved a significant breakthrough that could help to bring mammoths back to life.

Nature & Environment

Scientists capture photographs of 'lost bird' long thought extinct

2-25-2024 | 2

This striking yellow and black bird, which hadn't been seen for 20 years, was rediscovered during an expedition to Africa.

Science & Technology

Scientists are using stem cell technology to 'de-extinct' the dodo

2-19-2024 | 15

A US startup firm has come up with a plan to resurrect the dodo and return it to its natural habitat.

Science & Technology

Is there really a 1 in 6 chance of human extinction this century?

10-7-2023 | 3

Toby Ord's 2020 book painted a grim picture of humanity's chances this century, but just how accurate is his prediction ?

Science & Technology

Scientists recover RNA from an extinct species for the first time

9-20-2023 | 2

In a world first, scientists have succeeded in recovering RNA molecules from a preserved Tasmanian tiger specimen.

Science & Technology

World's largest lithium deposit found in extinct supervolcano

9-11-2023 | 6

The discovery - the largest of its kind ever made - could provide the world with enough lithium to build batteries for decades.


Our ancestors almost went extinct around 900,000 years ago

9-4-2023 | 24

A new genetic data analysis has revealed that our ancestors were almost completely wiped out.


Meg 2: the real story behind the extinct shark megalodon

8-4-2023 | 0

A palaeobiologist takes a look at the real-life shark that inspired the new movie sequel 'Meg 2: The Trench'.

Science & Technology

How specifically could AI cause the extinction of mankind ?

6-2-2023 | 3

Professor Nello Cristianini investigates how exactly artificial intelligence might bring about the doom of civilization.

Space & Astronomy

Odds of 'killer' asteroid impact in next 1,000 years are 'very low'

5-20-2023 | 4

A reassuring new study has found that we may be safe from extinction asteroid impacts... at least for the time being.

Nature & Environment

Extinction of the Tasmanian tiger has been moved up to the late 1990s

3-23-2023 | 8

Researchers now believe that the extinction of the thylacine occurred much more recently than the 1930s.

Science & Technology

De-extinction firm attracts $150M in funding to resurrect the dodo

2-2-2023 | 15

Texas-based firm Colossal Biosciences is already working on a way to bring back the long-extinct woolly mammoth.


What would the world be like today if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct ?

11-30-2022 | 16

If the dinosaurs hadn't died out, would they have gone on to develop into an intelligent civilization ?

Nature & Environment

Ancient extinct 'miracle' plant may have been rediscovered in Turkey

10-4-2022 | 7

A plant once known as silphion may still be around today despite disappearing 2,000 years ago.

Science & Technology

Should we even be attempting to bring back the thylacine ?

9-4-2022 | 22

Just like in Jurassic Park, playing god with the fate of extinct species could cause more problems than it solves.

Science & Technology

Major new project aims to resurrect the Tasmanian tiger

8-16-2022 | 12

The new multi-million dollar endeavor will attempt to bring the extinct species back to life via genetic restoration.

Nature & Environment

'Extinct' giant tortoise found alive on Galapagos Islands

6-12-2022 | 7

Scientists have discovered a tortoise belonging to a species thought to have died out 100 years ago.

Nature & Environment

Mauritius pink pigeons brought back from edge of extinction

5-16-2022 | 0

The remarkable success story saw the population grow from a mere 10 individuals in 1991 to over 400 today.


Is an ancient human ancestor hiding in Indonesia ?

4-28-2022 | 39

A controversial new book claims that the hobbit-like Homo floresiensis may not have actually gone extinct.


Well preserved dinosaur leg may be from the actual day of the asteroid strike

4-15-2022 | 9

Palaeontologists believe that they may have found one of the victims of the extinction event that ended the dinosaurs.

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