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Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk speaks out about colonizing Mars and extraterrestrial life

 VIDEO  4-8-2024 | 4

The SpaceX CEO has some ambitious plans to build a thriving city on the Red Planet within as little as 20 years.


3 Body Problem: is the universe really a 'dark forest' full of hostile aliens ?

4-6-2024 | 31

If the universe is teeming with intelligent alien civilizations, why have we still not been contacted by them ?


Intelligent alien life - could it be the zoo hypothesis or nothing ?

1-7-2024 | 14

A new study has highlighted the increasing likelihood that the reality of intelligent alien life can be boiled down to two possibilities.

The UFO Phenomenon

Astronomers are scouring the heavens for signs of nearby alien probes

12-7-2023 | 21

Physicist Beatriz Villarroel, and colleagues, are searching for signs of extraterrestrial technology close to home.


30% of Mexican 'alien' mummies' DNA is from an 'unknown species'

12-1-2023 | 538

Jaime Maussan is back in the limelight once again, this time claiming that the mummies are 'definitely not human'.

Science & Technology

Mysterious yellow glass in Libya traced back to extraterrestrial impact

11-22-2023 | 12

Geoscientist Elizaveta Kovaleva explains how she and her colleagues unraveled the mystery of the yellow desert glass.


Could we find alien 'dinosaurs' on distant extrasolar worlds ?

11-20-2023 | 10

Scientists have come up with a way to find planets capable of supporting dinosaur-like extraterrestrial creatures.


Mexican Congress holds second hearing about 'alien' bodies

11-8-2023 | 538

Experts insisted that the mummies were the real deal, but stopped short of claiming that they were extraterrestrial.


Actress Goldie Hawn details her own personal encounter with aliens

10-26-2023 | 11

The 77-year-old described being 'touched' by an extraterrestrial and claimed that it 'felt like the finger of God'.


Ring launches contest offering $1 million for evidence of aliens

10-5-2023 | 19

The popular doorbell camera brand is offering a large cash sum to anyone who can capture evidence of extraterrestrials.


Scientists carry out X-rays and CT scans on 'alien bodies'

 VIDEO  9-21-2023 | 538

The scans have revealed more about the alleged alien remains recently revealed in Mexico by ufologist Jaime Maussan.


'Alien corpses' claim attracts widespread criticism from scientists

9-15-2023 | 538

Suffice to say, the response to Jaime Maussan 'alien corpses' revelation in Mexico City this week has been less than favorable.


Alleged 'alien' captured on camera along Bolivia's Pilcomayo River

8-31-2023 | 18

An image of what looks like a semi-transparent extraterrestrial entity recently went viral on social media.


Loeb: 'aliens might be able to create new universes in a lab'

8-17-2023 | 15

The Harvard astronomer believes that sufficiently advanced extraterrestrials could achieve almost anything.


Could extraterrestrial visitors try to contact an artificial intelligence ?

 VIDEO  8-13-2023 | 63

A new documentary seeks to raise some intriguing new questions on the subject of alien visitation.

The UFO Phenomenon

Why do so many people assume that UFOs are extraterrestrial ?

7-17-2023 | 12

Sociologist Barry Markovsky explores why it is not unusual for people to equate the term 'UFO' with 'alien'.


Could aliens use a nearby supernova explosion to get our attention ?

6-24-2023 | 11

SETI astronomers are looking for signs of extraterrestrial communications within the vicinity of a large stellar explosion.

The UFO Phenomenon

Whistleblower: US recovered 'vehicles of non-human origin'

 VIDEO  6-6-2023 | 226

A former US intelligence agent has lifted the lid on the alleged recovery of extraterrestrial vehicles by the US government.


Mysteries revisited: the abduction of policeman Alan Godfrey

6-3-2023 | 5

An encounter with alleged extraterrestrial visitors drew extensive media attention in England back in 1980.

The UFO Phenomenon

Aliens have been mutilating sheep in Wales, UFO hunter claims

5-30-2023 | 30

A spate of mysterious sheep deaths in the Welsh Cambrian mountains has been attributed to extraterrestrial visitors.

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