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Modern Mysteries

Fairy circles are cropping up everywhere and nobody knows why

9-29-2023 | 13

These mysterious circular-shaped patches of ground are starting to appear at sites all over the world.

Nature & Environment

Aboriginal knowledge upends debate on mysterious fairy circles

4-11-2023 | 5

The original inhabitants of Australia have much to teach modern scientists about the nature of this intriguing phenomenon.

Modern Mysteries

Are termites responsible for 'fairy circles'?

9-9-2016 | 9

These mysterious circular, grass-ringed patches are still leaving scientists scratching their heads.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious 'fairy circles' found in Australia

 VIDEO  3-15-2016 | 14

Strange circular, grass-ringed patches have been discovered over hundreds of square kilometers.

Modern Mysteries

'Fairy circles' termite explanation debunked

5-24-2014 | 30

The mysterious circles of the Namibian grasslands don't appear to have been caused by termites after all.

Modern Mysteries

'Fairy circles' mystery solved

3-30-2013 | 17

Mysterious grassless rings appearing in the South African desert are believed to be made by termites.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery 'fairy circles' stump scientists

6-30-2012 | 28

Nobody is able to explain the strange, bare circular patches that appear in the Nimibian grasslands.

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